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    去年我替我女兒買了一隻支sonare flaute 7000型號. 頭是全銀手工powell, 而笛身前在台灣大陸做, 現在他們在德國做,

    # French style pointed arms法國式的尖型按鍵

    # Sterling silver body made in USA, by Powell, with Modern Powell Scale, 銀笛身在美國波士頓依照心owell的規格製做

    # Silver plated nickels silver keys made by Schreiber, in Germany

    # 10k white gold springs用10k白金做彈簧

    # Handmade, sterling silver, Powell Signature headjoint made in Boston


    Sonare 705 Series - Made in the USA & Germany -view- In Stock!

    Sterling silver body made by Powell Flutes in the USA, Powell Scale, Hand-cut Powell Signature Headjoint, Keywork with pointed arms crafted by Schreiber-Keilwerth in Germany & 10K white gold springs

    The Sonaré SF-705 is the result of collaboration between Powell Flutes in Boston, MA and Schreiber-Keilwerth in Saxony, Germany, maker of world famous bassoons and saxophones. Both instrument makers were founded in the 1920s and have a combined 162 years of expertise making renowned, professional quality woodwind instruments.

    The Sonaré SF-705 has a sterling silver body that is made by Powell Flutes at the company workshop in Massachusetts, using Powell's proprietary Zinki technology for tone hole extrusion (patent pending). Bodies produced using Zinki technology contain the Powell Scale, are cosmetically outstanding, and are subjected to less stress on the metal during the extrusion process, which translates into enhanced resonance. Powell will be introducing Zinki technology for all of the drawn tone-hole flutes in 2007.

    The Powell body is then sent to Saxony where Schreiber-Keilwerth uses their advanced manufacturing processes to produce high quality nickel keywork and to finish the flutes. Each finished flute receives a Powell Signature headjoint, made by Powell's headjoint makers back in the USA.

    Sonare 709 Series - Made in the USA & Germany - Rose Gold Plated!

    Same as the 705 except the flute and keys are entirely Rose Gold plated with the barrel and rings silver.

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