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NHL Hockey Rules!?

I know that now in NHL Hockey. During the regular season, if the game is still tie after 5 minutes of overtime they go to a tie-breaker call "Shootout". Now in the playoffs when the score is tie after 3 periods. I know they play 20 minutes of overtime sudden death overtime. How many more 20 minutes of overtime do they play if it's still scoreless before going into "Shootout"?

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    Straight fromt he NHL Rulebook:

    "84.5 Overtime – Playoffs – In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, when a game is tied after three (3) twenty (20) minute regular periods of play, the teams shall take a normal intermission (fifteen (15) minutes) and resume playing twenty (20) minute periods, changing ends for the start of each overtime period. The team scoring the first goal in overtime shall be declared the winner of the game."

    Note that there is no limitation on the number of overtime periods. There has been speculation that the NHL "Home Office" in Toronto would stop the game after 6 scoreless overtime periods, but that has never happened.

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    There is no shootout in the playoffs, the two teams continue to play 20 minute periods of overtime until one team scores.

    The longest NHL game has went 116:30 into OT, so a total of 176:30 minutes (9 periods, 6 OT). The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Montreal Maroons 1-0 on March 24, 1936, on a goal by Mud Bruneteau.

  • They play under normal rules until someone scores. At no point do they use the shootout during the playoffs. So 2, 3, 4, 5 overtimes...they keep going.

    Related...during the regular season overtime is 4-on-4. During the playoffs it is 5-on-5 (unless penalties are called).

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    They play until someone scores...and I hope that NEVER changes.

    I am not a fan of shootouts. Ties never bothered me, though I was cool with the 5 minutes of OT.

    If you have a goalie who is good at stopping breakaways or forwards/defensemen who are good at scoring on breakaways, then why not just collapse around the front of your net and block the shots until it's shootout time? If you fail, you still get a point.

    And since these days your chances of scoring through 3-5 pairs of legs (many with extra large shin guards) and a giant marshmallow (also called a goalie) are so low...might as well save your effort for th shootout.

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    The shootout as the way to end a tie is as lame as using free throws as a way to end a tie in basketball. Maybe a home run contest rather than extra innings in a baseball game or Field Goals to decide a tie in Football.

    If any one were to suggest those as a way to end a tie in those sports there would be such a hue and cry. Why do we accept that in hockey? Maybe because we are being run by people who don't understand the game.

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    In the playoffs, there is no shootout. the OT continues until a team scores

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    There are no shootouts in the playoffs, just continuous OT periods, until someone scores.

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    No it just keeps going untill someone scores...but it would be sweet if the final playoff game came down to a shootout.

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    in the playoffs there isn't any shoOTout...they will play as many extra 20 minute periods as it takes.....3 ot periods happened this year but games keep going until someone scores....

    go flames go

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    The Shootout is the funnest way to break a tie. To bad they don't have the shootout in the playoffs.

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