Is there to track accounts etc. that are in my name using my Soc. Num.?

I think my identity has been stolen. The police did nothing and the credit beauraus did nothing much because most of the activity is not listed with my credit, its in in the Chex system (morgages, bad checks etc. ) I found this out through my bank when I tried to get an account and they asked me if I had a house and account in GA and I live in MI ! I was only 8 when the account was opened according to their records and I feel as if there's more because I keep getting letters saying i owe people and I can't even get a credit card because most of the card companies say i already have a card and owe them but Im only 20 and don't!!!

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    The first usage of your soc sec # was around 1999?

    Did any of your relatives (especially mother or father) work for Cox Communications at that time?

    I ask because around that time Cox Comm had a lot of soc sec numbers of employees stolen and used in that area of them around that time?

    Anyway, get the companies that you can identify you to send you a copy of the credit agreement with the signature of the person applying. Take those to the police, also send copies along with a letter explaining to the police in the areas where the accounts were used. You may also be able to apply for a new social security number.


    "What to do if you have been the victim of credit card fraud or identity theft:

    1. If your complaint is essentially a non-criminal dispute with a retailer or other business, you must immediately dispute the charge(s) in writing with the customer relations office of your credit card company.

    2. If you have been the victim of credit card fraud or identity theft, the following tips will assist you:

    * Report the crime to the police immediately. Get a copy of your police report or case number. Credit card companies, your bank, and the insurance company may ask you to reference the report to verify the crime.

    * Immediately contact your credit card issuers. Get replacement cards with new account numbers and ask that the old account be processed as "account closed at consumer’s request" for credit record purposes. You should also follow up this telephone conversation with a letter to the credit card company that summarizes your request in writing.

    * Call the fraud units of the three credit reporting bureaus. Report the theft of your credit cards and/or numbers. Ask that your accounts be flagged. Also, add a victim’s statement to your report that requests that they contact you to verify future credit applications. The following is a list of addresses and numbers to the three credit bureaus:

    Equifax Credit Information Services - Consumer Fraud Div.

    P.O. Box 105496

    Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5496

    Tel: (800) 997-2493


    P.O. Box 2104

    Allen, Texas 75013-2104

    Tel: (888) EXPERIAN (397-3742)

    Trans Union Fraud Victim Assistance Dept.

    P.O. Box 390

    Springfield, PA 19064-0390

    Tel: (800) 680-7289

    * Keep a log of all conversations with authorities and financial entities.

    * As with any personal information, only provide your credit card number to merchants you know. Also, remember to protect your social security number. You have to give your social security number for employment and tax purposes, but it is not necessary for many businesses. Notify the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General if your social security number has been used fraudulently.

    * The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the federal clearinghouse for complaints by victims of identity theft. Although the FTC does not have the authority to bring criminal cases, the Commission assists victims of identity theft by providing them with information to help them resolve the financial and other problems that can result from identity theft. The FTC also may refer victim complaints to other appropriate government agencies and private organizations for further action. If you have been a victim of identity theft, you can file a complaint with the FTC by contacting the FTC's Consumer Response Center.

    By Phone: Toll-free 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338)

    TDD 202-326-2502

    By Mail: Consumer Response Center

    Federal Trade Commission

    600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

    Washington, DC 20580

    On the Web: "

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    Im sorry yet no person interior the united statesa.can do this. this is illegitimate and a criminal offense. You and the guy that opens the checking account can the two pass to reformatory. the government additionally does it on your guy or woman risk-free practices. They do it so your identity isn't stolen. as a results of fact if u provide them your social risk-free practices selection, they might deliver it to suggestions and probably use it for themselves or provide it to an immigrant who desires an identity to maintain residing interior the united statesA. Or they might even get into your financial employer account and eliminate your cash as a results of fact they might have ordinary accesses to it! in any case why won't be able to you basically open one your self in case you have a Social risk-free practices selection?

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