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Can Minnows live in tap water??

I have ten minnows and right now they are in pond water in a tank. The water is too foggy to see the fish clearly and it's really dirty..like all pond water. Can the fish live on water from my kitchen sink???Also, how big do they have to be for them to breed?? I want a lot more fish but I'm not sure if I have any adults right now.

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    Yes, you can keep them in tap water, but you would need to treat it to remove any chlorine or chloramine that might be in the water.

    Realize too that you will have to change small amounts of water (about 1/4 of what's in the tank) because the chemistry of the water they were in at the pond, and what comes out of the tap are going to be different. To give you more details, I'm going to give you a link to a question I answered yesterday about keeping bass in an aquarium: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20080622191...

    If the water is too cloudy to see the fish, it sounds as though you will need to get some conditioner and do a water change prety soon. You may want to do a larger change (up to 50%) just add the new water slowly.

    Without knowing what type of minnows you have, it's impossible to be able to tell you how big they'd need to be to spawn. Some types only get to be about 3 inches and only live for 2-3 years, so they can spawn at a smaller size than could one that gets 12 inches and lives for 5 years. And if you have a small tank, they may not be able to grow to their full size, so they may never spawn. And some minnows have particular needs for spawning - some need caves and lay the eggs on the ceiling, others will lay eggs on plants or on gravel. And with that many fish, if you don't separate the eggs from the adults, they're likely to be eaten.

    You can find some very good info about keeping minnows in captivity on this website: http://www.nanfa.org/bcccaptivecare.shtml

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    Taking animals out of their natural environment and sticking them in some container is bad, bad, bad. They won't live very long, and if you stick other sotre bought fish in there, they could get diseased very easily.

    Tap water is a huge no-no, unless you have the proper chemicals to treat it. The best would be distilled/bottled water. If you don't want to invest in good, clean water, then go to any place that sells fish and get a water conditioner formulated for tap water. Tap water has chlorine, chloramine, and can also have nitrates and nitrites (maybe even nasty ammonia depending on where you live etc). These conditinoers nutralize these chemicals and make it (mostly) safe for fish. Another cosideration, though, is the pH and hardness of the water.

    If you're dead set on this, then get a couple of 5 gallon buckets fill them with tap water (using the tub works great for this). Then put in the appropriate amount of chemicals (more is NOT better), and let the water sit for 24-48 hours. Letting it sit acclimates it to room temerature, and allows the chlorine etc to evaporate. Then remove 10-15% of the water in the fish tank and slowly replace it with the conditioned tap water. Do this about once a week. Soon your fish will have cleaner water, and you won't kill them by shocking them with the wrong temp or crazy unhealthy chemicals.

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    tap water contains chlorine which is bad and will eventually kill them. Any pet shop will sell chlorine remover( you'll just need a few drops, see directions). Fish also need air. They absorb it thru the water so you'll need an air pump too. A filter system will help keep the water clear. Also any bottom feeder type fish also will help keep the tank clean by eating bottom debris. Most of these items can be purchased at any pet store or discount store such as walmart or kmart.

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    Tap water contains chlorine and chloramines, which will burn the gills of the fish and eventually kill them. Unless you get dechlorination drops, you'll kill them.

    It depends what kind of minnows they are as they all get different sizes... I'd just go search for the species online and find out breeding from a reputable website.

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    The minnows will die if you put them in tap water. You need to get drops to add to the water to take out the clorine. Also, they are wild fish and will need an air source, which must be in the declorinated water for 24-hrs minimum.

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    you need to use faucet water and it would be advantageous. in basic terms purchase a de-chlorinator out of your fish shop and permit the water take a seat for twenty-four hours (a secure practices precaution). some fish inspite of the undeniable fact that, desire softer water, in case you get those then you definately will might desire to purchase a water distiller or opposite osmosis gadget. maximum of those fish frequently come from South united statesa.. additionally, for the guy who say fish can not stay in rain water provided that is in basic terms too acidic, what do you think of fish stay in, in the wild. fool. Fish followers do their examine.

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    mine that i caught died by the next day when i put them in tp water but if you go to the store and buy good clean water for a gallon its only under a dollar it depending on your tank how much you will need.. good luck

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    No. Add dish soap to clean the water, THEN put the minnows in.

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    water out of the sink will kill them. it may take a few minutes or a few hours, but they will be dead. been there, done that.

    i dont know the answer about breeding.

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    I wouldn't keep minnows... they actually kinda melt. Well, that's what happened to the minnows I caught. :(

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