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Where can I buy a Paul Mitchell hair stylist book?

I've searched the internet, and it's practically laughed back at me.

There is not such book on the online website, amazon, etc.

I'd hate to quote back to a movie, but in Zohan, he has a year of Paul Mitchell books, and I would love to own the latest 2008 edition.

Any ideas where I can get my hands on one of these books?

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    You could try a Borders or Barnes And Noble book store. If a book like the one you are talking about exists, they may be able to order it in-store and then you could go to the store and purchase it after it has arrived. You could also try looking on Try looking on these book stores' websites too...

    You could try looking on the internet for beauty/cosmetology (school) books or something similar to that.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    The super skinny line is for very frizzy, dry, damaged hair. It leaves an oily coating, making the hair smooth and easier to comb. If your hair is silky, fine, and/or healthy, super skinny *will* leave your hair kind of...gross. A small amount goes a long way. Try to avoid getting the conditioner on your roots and scalp. Rinse thoroughly, then rinse again :). If that doesn't help, try switching to Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Two or the extra body line (purple label).

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    Check here:

    You will find what you like!

    Good luck!

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