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Freshman Football team?

im 5'9'' weighing 192 pounds and i have my football freshman tryouts tomorew. Im really nervous because i never played football for a team before. Im not too muscular and thats why im planning on being a Linebacker or defensive end. I might not even go. Any advice?

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    I understand the nervousness. Thats a good thing cause when you aren't nervous thats not so good.

    You dont have to have any football experience for trying out for the team. I will tell you the only things you need to know to make the team.

    1. Hustle- This is the one attribute that everyone has but not everyone uses it. Always hustle everywhere you go, you'll even here the coaches yelling it. So run your butt off and give 100% effort every drill, practice and play. It's better to **** up going balls out then **** up half *** it

    2. When you dont understand something ASK the coach. Dont be afraid because if you screw up after your coach told you what to do he will be pissed. Just pay attention and make friends after you make the team. This is a competition so no time for friends.

    3. If you want to play go where they NEED people. Every guy in the world tomorrow will want to be a runningback, receiver, quarterback and a defensive back. My freshman year I went out for runningback only problem was there were 15 of us so the coach asked if I wanted to play defensive line and I said yes. I started the second game of the season and never looked back. Get in where you fit in.

    Dont be afraid, just pay attention. Think positive and dont worry about everyone else just worry about yourself because if you take care of what your supposed to do it all will fall into place. Have fun because thats what it is all about. And if you dont make the team thats fine too. Because you have time to train and workout and get your body right so that you can try out for the JV team in the spring. Dont defeat yourself and not go because you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is high school now. Trust me play sports because the girls will be watching. I wont wish you luck cause you dont need it. Just go out there and kick ***. Thats all you need!

  • Well my first year trying out for my football team I didn't make it because i never played organized football before, my suggestion to you is not to try out if your not ready. I tried out just for the hell of it and failed miseribly. so make sure you can make the commitment too. Now do not eat a lot before try outs because the heat and running will make you puke. 2 you are going to fall and get hit so take it. 3 i think you should play tight end because these linebackers in your grade are big tough and lean, if your not muscular then forget about it. Tight ends catch and block, u sound like u can handle a defensive tackle. so good luck and i hope you make the team ;-)

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    At your size, I can see you being a hellacious D-Lineman. If you're toned, you could do well as a Middle Linebacker, and if you're fast on top of that, Outside Linebacker could be a good spot for you. On offense, you could raise hell as a power back. The one thing you have to remember is that no matter what, the coach is going to look at the guys who work the hardest. If you're coming along slow on developing tackling fundamentals or anything like that, coaches will literally forget that if they see you winning your sprints. You can't be afraid to throw up every now and then either. Work hard and play hard man. Don't ever be afraid to fail. Fear of failure is a bigger problem than failing itself.

    "You get what you earn"-Duane Schulte, Head Coach Xavier Saints, 2007 Iowa Class 4A State Champions.

    Remember that.

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    Don't plan on being a linebacker without muscle, get to the weight room and get that muscle if your going to play in the trenches i.e. linebacker, d-lineman. Your size will help though, not to play better, but b/c your coaches will think your awesome for no reason. But the d-line would be a good place for you b/c of your size. Just go work out. Oh and I almost forgot, get low low low! Whoever is lower will always win the battle.

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    i'm 5'5 and 220 pounds

    im 15 and was an all county champ for defensve end

    dont ever give up

    if thats what you want.. then get it

    the big kid in the back is not stoping you

    i put ALL my time into football

    i was very determaned to got what i wanted

    i worked hard

    and i got what i wanted!

    you can use your weight room in the morning and after school

    also after practice

    and the weekends

    alot of carbs and protein

    you go!

    you'll regret it bro

    i was the smallest kid on the team

    but every time i knocked down

    i worked harder to make sure i was able to drive ever one of those kids out of the field

    and i did..

    do what makes you happy man


    good luck

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    do it!!!!

    i chose not to go and missed out on ALOT of things my freshman year so go out and try your hardest, it'll be tough but believe me its worth it. as a sophmore i really want back freshman year it!!!!

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