example of autobiography?


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    You want examples of autobiography. One answerer provided a basic definition. Here are some famous examples:

    The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    " " " Malcolm X

    " " " Bertrand Russell (20th C. philosopher)

    Many other famous people, including rock and roll stars, film stars, and politicians (e.g. Bill Clinton) have written autobiographies.

    Two of my all time favorites are those of Anthony Trollope, a famous 19th century British writer, and Robin Collingwood, another 20th century philosopher. Another is a book called "The Education of Henry Adams" by (of course) Henry Adams, a late 19th century descendent of the great Adams family of Massachusetts, who became a historian.

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    An autobiography is a book you write about yourself. It can be funny, dramatic, sad or whatever. There are quite a few so-called 'autobiographies' that purport to be written by movie stars and people who come into prominence suddenly, but these are usually ghost written for them. A genuine autobiography is usually very interesting because it gives you insights into why people behave as they do, and what some memorable moments were in their lives.

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    an autobiography is a biography somebody writes about themselves

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    Is based on someones real life story!

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    that book hilary clinton wrote about herself

    and the ones obama wrote about himself.

    geez people are self centered!!

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    Try some of these sites:





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