Why do vampires drink blood?

It is very confusing. For the vampires do not have blood in their system. Why do they need blood? Mostly, where does the blood go afterwards? I need your OPINIONS please. Thank-you!

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    Vampires do have blood but there body cannot replenish it, so they drink blood to get it back in there system. If they didn't have blood their muscles wouldn't work, because they need oxygen and thats one major roll of blood. Hope I helped, if even a little, best of luck to ya.

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    Why Do Vampires Drink Blood

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    For fictional and folkloric vampires, blood symbolizes life. Legendary vampires in many cultures are often not thought to drink blood, but rather life energy.

    Writers of fictional vampire stories often don't describe what happens to the blood their vampires drink. Since the stories are fictional, they could make up whatever explanation they want, but often they don't bother. Maybe they think it would distract from the story they want to tell or make their vampire seem less appealing to talk about their digestion and possible elimination of waste.

    Real vampires drink blood because it's rich in vital energy/prana/chi. This energy is absorbed into them after ingesting the blood. They only need a few ounces at a time, which they get from consenting donors. They still need to eat regular food too. Since real vampires are living, mortal humans, they can't digest blood, and it passes through their digestive system mostly undigested. (Humans can't digest raw blood.)

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    For centuries Vampires have been trying very hard to have their own blood bank, now or never with human ambitions to expand their life, vampires teach the scientists the secret of a longer lifespan is to use "Young Blood"_ For this procedure not look too spooky they name it "Parabiotic". By using "Young people Blood" human and vampires will have their tissues rejuvenated and along with the cognitive abilitiies. Certainly if the body is in good shape the lifespan getting automatically longer. But the same way when vampires are using "Bad Blood" it can be lethal for them, it is as well for humans

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  • Real vampires are people who have energy deficiency. Not all drink blood some are psychic vampires and take energy by coming into contact with living things. Real vampires are mortal living people who are just different. Vampires are not like those in the movies or books, we don't drain unwilling victims of their blood. We have kind people who are called donors and they give us the blood or energy we need. We don't die in the sun, can't fly, no super powers, can cross running water, garlic, holy water and the cross don't phase us (because we are not demons we are just different to normal people), we can see better at night than in the day, heightened senses, we do age(just not as fast) and we aren't immortal.

    I hope that shed some light on this for you for more info feel free to email me.

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    Why do vampires drink blood?

    It is very confusing. For the vampires do not have blood in their system. Why do they need blood? Mostly, where does the blood go afterwards? I need your OPINIONS please. Thank-you!

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    this is mostly nonsense and sir, you should check your "attorney" for proper credentials it's just a guess but he might be talking out of his but seriously there are 4 parts to blood. platelets, red cells, white cells and plasma. The nutrients are in plasma. To heal injuries they'd need red cells to fight infections/disease theyd need white cells, cuts=platelets. to answer this question first we'd next to check the urine of a vampire. they dont poop, because pooping coagulated blood is just nasty.

    If the urine is milky white (first make sure that is actual urine as you may be just examining a deviant) then they are indeed absorbing red cells. if its red then they're not. if it tastes like pennies.. well i dont know what to tell you if you taste vampire urine.. I tried to verify this with an attorney but they were all busy. Hope this helps.

    As far as needing oxygen because they cant breath, they would need to drink constantly so thats nonsense.

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    Human blood has positivity when alive.

    we know that vampires are negativities.

    Everything is based on laws of science....

    positivity and negativity attract each other, so they drink human blood.

    Their body requires this for complete metamorphosis

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    Blood is considered the equivalent of life force, something that vampires require in order continue in their intermediate undead state. Unable to produce true life themselves, they must take it from the living, usually living human beings.

    As to where it goes, the dead do not excrete; it's burned off as it's used.

  • Same as...Why do we drink water? Because it keeps us alive! Or dead in the vampires case.


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