4 anesthesiologists or anyone with such experience. Y do spinals hurt the mother's shoulders & back after Csec

Dear experienced,

I'm about to deliver my twins in 2 to 3 days (elective C-Section). I'm afraid to go for general anesthesia but also afraid to take any spinal anesthesia as some of my friends who delivered under spinal suffered from aches in shoulders and arms after the operation that lasts for years with them. Ohters didn't suffer such complications. I tried to ask my doctor but he simply denied these complications. I'm really in need for ur advices as I really can't decide. Thanks a million :)

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    I have had two c-sections... After this last one, I have this lingering pain in my back. BUT, I don't know if it is because of the anesthesia, or because I am too heavy for my body! It is a different kind of pain and it is not hard to live with. Just a slight annoyance.

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    Anytime you're running needles and tiny plastic catheters (tubing) along the spinal cord and nerve bundles there is the risk for some degree of damage which may take varying lengths of time to properly heal - but it's VERY rare for anyone to end up with any chronic, lifetime pain, and I have never personally hear of anyone being paralyzed or disabled as a result.

    Of all the women in the world that have had spinal blocks or epidurals, if the risk of these kinds of injuries were that substantial, they would not be doing the procedures with such frequency. People who DO suffer from complications are often very vocal about it, and those are the stories that stand out in your head unfortunately, but rest assured they are the minority. Odds are definitely in your favor that you will not have any complications from the procedure.

    Good luck!

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    If a spinal or an epidural is done correctly, you should not experience any discomfort from it.

    Most people have sore backs and shoulders from lying on them without moving very much. Once they are up and about the soreness goes away.

    If your friends had pain in their arms and shoulders that lasted for years, it was not from the spinal. Spinals are done very low on your spinal column. The nerves affected are low also. They don't want to numb up high. If they goes too high then the diaphragm gets affected, so that is why it will not affect the shoulders and arms.

    I suggest you sit down with your physician and the anesthesiologists and voice your concerns.

    Congratulations on your twins!

    Source(s): A nurse for 30 years.
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    sometimes a small pocket of air gets trapped and it travels up your body into your chest shoulders or neck area and it can be quite painfull my sister suffered this after her c-section and the only reason they checked to make sure it was a airpocket is because she has heart probs but they said to her it is common

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    I had a spinal done with my csection and had no complications at all. It was actually a breeze for me, I'd do it all over again.

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