Where do you log into your email account with yahoo ymail?

I just created a new account with Yahoo ymail.com, and can't log in using the regular Yahoo Mail login page. Where do I log in at?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Could be one of two things. We had some users get caught in some spam prevention nets during the mad rush for new accounts. We've resolved that so if that was the problem you should be all set.

    The other possibility is that you are not using the FULL ID. If you are a ymail or rocketmail user you will always need to use the full email address when signing in (and not just what's to the left of the @).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lot's of people that created a ymail account are having the same problem, seems like its a ymail bug they haven't fixed yet. Try sending them an email or filling out a form.

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  • ide
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    3 years ago

    Sorry i too don't have the respond yet dealing with the coolest subject in view that 15 jan 2010!!! i hit the "forgot password link" then they question me my identity and question me to flow right into a captcha !!!! now despite if i enter the the appropriate option captcha ( i'm particular i'm entering into the the appropriate option captcha), and hit the "next" button , no longer something happens ( the internet site refreshes and yet another captcha is displayed, it does not even say that the captcha entered is misguided or does not provide the different messages , that's only the standard internet site with only yet another captcha).... now my subject does not end !!! i some how making use of alternative links i did reset my password , however the hot password too does not look to artwork !!!!!!! even after resetting my password i 'm no longer able to log-in !!!! ( sorry for the long msg)!!!!

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  • I just figured out how to do this... you have to log in by typing the "entire address"... Yahoo name: myname@yahoo.com.

    then password. That will get you into the new Ymail account.

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