help with a unique business name for SHELTIE PUPS ????????

serious answers only, please. thank you.

love those shelties in INDIANA.

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    I assume you are asking how to be a responsible breeder. :-)

    1. Contact a breed club for your breed. Ask for a mentor.

    2. STUDY the breed standard. Learn about dog anatomy and ask your mentor to

    clarify anything you don't understand.

    3. Learn what genetic faults and diseases run in your breed and test for any

    that can be tested for.

    4. Show your dog in conformation events to see if it is of the proper

    quality for breeding. Winning doesn't always mean a dog is breeding quality,

    but being around so many others that know your breed and will talk to you

    will do wonders for your self-education efforts!

    5. Study the past history of great dogs in your breed. You will see how your

    breed has improved and progressed since the beginning of the breed.

    6. Study the breed standard some more! ;-)

    7. Join any Yahoo groups about your breed.

    8. Live, dream and study your breed.

    9. Get a good book on canine reproduction, and educate yourself about the

    pitfalls, problems, and proud moments of breeding. Learn about the

    physiology of reproduction, such as heat cycles and venereal diseases in

    dogs, potential for problems specific to your breed, and what you need to

    expect at whelping.

    10. Remember that whelping (giving birth) can kill your female. Being used

    as a stud dog can encourage bad behaviors common in intact males such as

    territorial marking, aggression, and desire to roam from home.

    11. Prepare to be broke. Breeding properly is EXPENSIVE.

    12. Line up potential homes for any puppies you produce and write up a

    contract. Remember to include that you will be willing to take back your

    puppies at any time in their lives that they might need you. If you bring

    life into this world, it is your responsibility FOREVER.

    13. Prepare to spend sleepless nights attending whelping females, caring for

    fading puppies or puppies orphaned, and practice cleaning up after 24/7 poop


    I'm sure there are many things I missed because being a responsible breeder

    isn't just a job. It's a way of life. You will live dogs. 24/7/365. There

    are lots of hard decisions. There is a lot of expense. There will be pain.

    But, if you do your darndest to always keep the welfare of your dogs and the

    future of any of their offspring, you can go to step 14.

    14. Enjoy the love and success of a job well done.

    ADDED: Amerz- I am here, and you are right. I am NOT happy.

    ADDED: Let me tell you WHY I breed. I breed to improve upon the quality of the breed I am dedicated to preserving. I do not want my breed to become a bunch of ratty-coated, schitzo, prick-eared, health-impaired, bug eyed idiots who wouldn't know a sheep from a shawl. I want to maintain the healthy vitality, look, personality, essence and soul of what makes my breed so special to me. I ALSO rescue the poorly-bred messes people make of my breed, which only strengthens my resolve to create only the finest dogs so people who want pets can enjoy healthy, well-balanced dogs that can live and play and love as family members for th longest time possible. And it costs me out the @$$!!! If I had what I've spent on dogs, educational seminars, rescue, and testing, I'd not be wearing Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and eating Ooodles of Noodles with such great regularity.

    If you don't breed for the same reasons, name your "business" Shelter Suppliers is Us.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, groomer and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years.
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    oh man! do I hope you are VERY badly wording a search for a KENNEL PREFIX . in fact this is so badly worded as to cause me to doubt your motives.... Now getting it reserved with AKC just plain requires too many litters - few reputable breeders have a formal reserved one (its still gauche to use another informal one)

    common kennel name ideas

    combination of intitals of family members (or yours)

    Local landmarks

    Play on name of foundation female (IE friend who's foundation female was Cheerio uses Unsinkable)

    Play on anything ELSE in your life (so a photographer may use focus ect.)

    Put your breed (sheltie) and the desired kennel name in AKC free dog look-up and if anyone else used it the dogs will show up on the search....

    NOw yah do know a business breeding dogs seldom bring in a smal fortune (unless you start with a large one)

    Edit: saw a formor question - you JUST GOT your first shelties? man do you have the cart before the horse! You have a looog way to go before a kennel prefix is important! or you need even dream of breeding!

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    You are starting a "business" to sell shelties? Breeding is not a business. Go sell sea shells by the seashore instead of starting up your very own backyard breeding scam. If you want to become a reputable breeder, you should start doing your research and making contacts. Don't rely on silly gimmicks.

    Good lord, I can't wait until jennifer sees this question.


    Just read your profile and it seems like you should know better... Is this a joke of some kind that i am missing? Now I'm just confused. hmph!

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    OK, you only wanted serious answers. Breeding is not a business. It is a very serious commitment to a breed. It takes many, many, many years of blood, sweat, and tears to be a reputable breeder. Maybe you can call your "business" Puppy Mills R Us.

    Add: I just read your profile as well. So, has the Saint business went sour and you are trying to breed smaller breeds. How is your search for Yorkies going?

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    I gotta tell ya. This question sounds all kinds of BAD.

    A BUSINESS for Sheltie puppies? WHAT?

    Selling dogs isn't a "business".

    Maybe your question isn't really reflecting what it is you're trying to ask. Can you give a little more info? Cuz at this point, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to help you.

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    Ok, agree with everyone else, and if you are trying to find a kennel name... Sheepish Shelties?

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    Hey! What kind of business is this? Selling puppies for money?? If you don't care where all those puppies go, we don't care about you and your business name! Sell something else, or better yet- volunteer at an animal shelter!!! and learn

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