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Should they let CC Sabathia hit on a regular basis?

I mean he's a great hitter. He smacked a homerun out of the park against LA the other night. The only run we scored until the 11th. I figured that since the rest of the offense sucked, CC could hit and the DH could be for Jamie Carrol.

Why not? It's not like they're risking anything right now. I say just give him a shot in a regular series at home! Maybe this weekend against the Reds. Agree?


Nicholas...Last year his average was some freak number for a pitcher. I believe it was actually around 350 or maybe higher.

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    There's only 2 flaws in your plan.

    The DH could not be for Jamie Carroll - the DH can only hit in place of the pitcher.

    Also, if Sabathia were to start a game and be in the lineup as a hitter, the Indians would lose the right to use the DH for the entire game. So if he had a bad outing and lasted maybe 3 innings, you would then have to either let the pitcher hit the rest of the game, or burn up a bench player as a pinch hitter.

    Not worth the risks.

    Maybe the best thing would be for the Indians to send C.C. to the National League so as not to deprive the fans of his incredible skills at the plate.

    Or maybe the American League should just get rid of the abomination called the designated hitter and start playing real baseball again.

    Source(s): Rule 6.10 - Major league Baseball Rule Book
  • Anonymous
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    Why not? It's not risking anything right now as you say. Let's say he gets a hit & while running the bases, he falls & gets hurt, well there goes one of your best pitchers out of game & rotation. Maybe as a pinch hitter if needed but not on a regular basis

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    No, bad things happen when large pitchers run the bases. Mark Prior's career essentially was ended after his collision (he was on pace for an allstar season that year I believe), and obviously Chien Mien Wang this year... take pride in realizing if your team gets to the series that youll have a solid lineup on a CC day... but if he gets hurt prior to the playoffs they will be cellar dwellars- especially with the other starter that shut my Yankees down last fall in the playoffs out/not throwing well.

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    Maybe as a pinch-hitter once in a while, but not a DH on an everyday basis. I think him and Carlos Zambrano are among the best hitting pitchers in baseball.

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    I don't know if they should do are some reasons

    1.If they keep him on base after he hits, he can have a foot injury like Chen Ming-Wang

    2.It might "embarrassing" to see him swing at a pitch. Check out Bartolo Colon's swinging against the Phillies a couple of weeks back.Now hes on the DL

    The point is that pitchers have a better chance of getting hurt.

  • Ryan S
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    1 decade ago

    I think Cleveland would be foolish to not take advantage of the DH rule because he may be a good hitter, but he doesn't get many at bats so we are not actually sure how good he actually is, and he could also get hurt.

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    All pitchers should have to hit.

    The DH rule should be abolished!!!!!

    See what you AL fans have been missing all these years?

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    I'd like to see it. He killed that pitch the other day. Maybe use him as a pinch hitter sometimes, not a bad idea at all.

  • Josh89
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    C.C coming to the NL to play for my Phillies so he's gonna get to hit alot more.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i totally agree! his average was insane last year! and that HR was unbelievable. i mean no pitcher ever hits a HR. so yea they should def. make him bat

    Source(s): knowledge of being a 15 year varsity coach
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