How can you cancel airline tickets and get the refund back?

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My cousin bought me a ticket to go to Florida but i don't want to go anymore. So I wonder how is it gonna be refund and canceled. Please and thank you! :]
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Travelers who cancel a reservation with a nonrefundable fare face two choices: Accept the loss, which can total hundreds of dollars, or pay a stiff penalty and apply the price of that ticket to another within one to two years.

Most airlines will allow you to use the value of the ticket against another ticket later, however they will charge a fee for the change.
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  • Jackalope answered 6 years ago
    Most people buy non-refundable tickets, because they cost half as much, so there is probably not a way to get a refund. However, you can call and cancel the tickets, and use the value of them towards another flight on the same airline at a later date (minus a processing fee, usually $100 to $200 depending on the airline).


    I fly a lot for business and make tons of flight changes.
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  • averagebear answered 6 years ago
    You can just call to cancel it. Any refund will go to the credit card of the purchaser, your cousin.
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  • Jon Hall from Cuy. Falls OH answered 6 years ago
    Well if he/she bought it for you to visit, and now you are unwilling/unable to go, then you should pay him/her back. Anything less is disrespectful.

    PS Even though it would almost be as unclassy as you refusing to pay them back they could easily get their money back in most small claims courts, except maybe CA but again I've never lived/worked there.
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  • lukaht answered 6 years ago
    Unless you paid more for a refundable ticket its extremely unlikely that you'll get your money back.


    In the know
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