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Where can i find bicycle wheels to buy online?

Moreso what i'm trying to figure out is if i can replace the back wheel on my bike i've bought from Wal Mart. It's a Mongoose XR-75 26" Mens mountain bike. Everytime I try to find wheels all i get is more bikes brought up, and i'd like to just buy a new wheel.

I seem to have bad luck with the back wheels on my bikes. First one i had the cart pushers at wal mart bent the wheel to hell. Second the axle snapped. And this one i went off a curb and landed on the exact wrong area to land, the road was raised higher then the gutter area by a good two inches and I landed right on the corner of it, doing so put a pretty good bend in my wheel. I know I should be more careful but they're generally cheap bikes, so it's not too big a problem, I just would like to see if I could buy a new wheel rather than a new bike. : /

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    google "bicycle wheel sets", you'll be able to search for new wheels from there. the problem you will have online is most wheel sets will have 9 or 10 speed cassettes. my guess is yours is a 7 speed cassette. also, most rear wheels will cast close to the original cost of this bike! since you seem to enjoy riding a bit aggresively, STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! start saving for a properly fitted bike at your LBS! a solid entry-level hardtail MTB (a dual suspension bike that'll take your brand of abuse will cost more than $1000) for $300-$500. by the time you add up what you've spent on repairing your wallywood bike, you'll be well into that number anyway. good luck either way!

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    I have to agree with poster #1. You can buy wheels here www.mountainbikesnow.com but why waste money putting a wheel on this bike. Consider a "good used bike" of a more reliable brand. Check out the site above, you can find a nice used hardtail from a "real" bike manufacturer for less than you might think.

    Good Luck

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    Wheels do no longer incorporate tires, tubes, rim tape, or cassette/freewheel. you need to purchase all those issues besides. seven-hundred x 32 is tire length, wheels will in positive condition extremely a quantity tire sizes there's no seven-hundred x 32 wheel. to ascertain in case you could improve to a cassette hub, degree the area between your rear dropouts. whether it relatively is 130mm you need to use a wheel made for cassette. it would fee slightly greater desirable than a freewheel hub. All in all, with the aid of the time you purchase each and every little thing you've spent lots of the $250 you paid on your motorcycle interior the 1st place until eventually you will detect some 2d hand wheel that are in respectable shape

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    Check out Niagracycle.com. $23.19 for a decent wheel. You will need to take the cassette off and transfer it to the new wheel. FYI, these bikes are not meant to be ridden rough. Just because it has dual suspensions doesn't mean it can take the abuse.


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    Check here:


    You will find what you like!

    Good luck!

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