Antique Waltham 14k 17 jewel?

Around the late 50s - 1960 my grandpa found this watch in a parking lot and gave it to my Grandma. She has had it ever since, but it stopped working the day he died.

When she passed, it looked all dingy, so all the greedy hillbilly's she calls family wanted nothing to do with it, so I took it. Well, I cleaned it up and it looks very pretty.

I can't find any info on it though. I want to know apox age, is it real, where to find more info on it....

it says:

14k on the back and on the clasp

On the face it says 17 jewel, swiss, and Waltham.

It also has a floral pattern dial, which I can't seem to find with any other vintage Waltham.

I opened it up and on the movement it says:


waltham watch co





OXM OR WXO in very tiny letters.....

I can't seem to find a serial number though. I did look at the inside of the movement and I can see something like an F or E with a circle around it. Deeper in the movement it has a 2 followed by other numbers.


After the 2 It looks like there are other numbers that follow, but it's too tiny to see and I'm afraid to open the movement up and lose some of the rubies.

When I wind it, it also seems to be functioning after all these years. My fiance did lose the pin that keeps the hands rotating, but the hands are still mounted on the dial. The dial is also a very unique pretty flower design.

Is this worth repairing, does it look real, where can I find info? I've scowered the web, but can't seem to find any info?

Update 2:

As far as my grandma told me years ago, all it needs is a battery... Well, and now a pin lol.

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    It is a Waltham Watch from the Waltham Watch company in Waltham, Massachusetts.

    You can probably get someone to help you identify it if you live nearby. There is a museum in Waltham called the Charles River Museum of Industry that has a HUGE collection of Waltham watches and a clock makers group that meets there regularly. To get more information on the Museum and contact info and such, check out

    Good luck! Sounds like a wonderful heirloom. I have a nice gold Waltham Watch myself that is very pretty.

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