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I know a drug dealer that makes around 10,000 on a good week. How come he has not been caught by police?

What my question is, is how may he drive expensive cars, and own an expensive house in Las Vegas, without getting caught by the I.R.S.? Hes had the house for three years now and he bought the Lexus two weeks ago? Whats even more crazy is that the job he has now to prove his income, is working at the dollar tree doing frieght. (if your not going to answer the damn question, or is just going to leave a smart *** answer or rant and rave about crooks...ect. dont bother!)

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    Because he's probably not the biggest fish in the pond at the moment. Many investigations take many years, especially guys that are doing well. Its actually easier to catch a low level dealer than one doing exceptionally well. Its his job and he does it well. But eventually the police, irs, whomever will catch up to him and it will be a different story. Part of it has to do with him using his constitutional rights to his advantage, the other is the police respecting his constitutional rights. Remember, crime is just a profession like any other, some people are very good at it, and get away with it much longer, while others, not so much.

    As a side note, in casinos its actually pretty easy to launder money to hide it form the IRS...You simply claim it as winnings and get you're 1099. We've busted a few guys that did that in Atlantic City. Its a way they can show for "income". Usually catches up with them though.

    Source(s): Thats my point of view, and I'm a cop. NYPD
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    Drug lords make the main money. they do no longer look to be the adult men on the nook, besides the incontrovertible fact that. they are the leaders of gangs and that they run the drug enterprise. They make thousands and thousands. In some worldwide places, they are extra efficient than the government. Drug sellers on the line make solid money too. How plenty they make relies upon on the place they stay, what they sell and how they get it. sellers in city aspects make the main money, because of the inhabitants. sellers who sell crack make much less money, because of the fact crack is relatively low-priced. i've got confidence the costliest drug is cocaine, so coke sellers probable make the main money. yet a lot of persons do weed, so weed sellers make a lot of money too. It additionally relies upon on how plenty they make. A weed broker who buys from a business enterprise will make much less money than somebody who grows it themselves. the final individual will purchase 20 money well worth of weed a week. If a weed broker can get 50 people to purchase from him in a week- no longer very hard, he makes a thousand money.

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    This is a not a smart *** answer. Doesn't it make you wonder that either the police are hoping that he leads them to a bigger fish to catch or then there is always the chance he is cutting them in on a deal on the side.

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    The police are as busy as the rest of us, and have to address the cases that are right in thier faces first, but trust me, if he keeps on that route, it is going to catch up with him. Not that I at all endorse drug dealing as a job, but if you are going to do it, you can't do it the way it sounds like he is an get away with it forever....... IDK some people are lucky, but I used too know someone like that, and he eventually lost it all.

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    law enforcement is probably already aware of your drug dealing neighbor. they are probably gathering enough evidence on him to make sure his butt stays in the pen once they have him there.

    guys who make big money often have big lawyers to keep them out of jail regardless of the crimes they have committed. so police often bide their time in order to gather enough evidence on someone to ensure that the case is bullet proof.

    if you are still concerned that something should be done, try calling your local drug enforcement squad and giving them a tip. if by chance this guy has flown below the radar your tip could make the difference your community needs.

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    Many law enforcement divisions offer a reward for tips leading to a successful arrest. Why not make a few bucks yourself.

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    He's probably not reporting any income so he's basically off the radar of the IRS, or he's some how hiding it with legitimate business dealings. That's my guess.

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    Probably because no one has bothered to turn him in- he obviously hasn't done anything to draw attention to his crimes (yet)

    Perhaps you need to place that call and let the police know what's going on.

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    You havent turned him in yet..?? Hes got money im sure there are people looking out for him so he doesnt get in trouble.

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    All drug dealers end up dead or in jail, his time will come.

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