what subjects (php,mysql,c++) should i learn to help me prepare for the job market ?

i am a computer science major and want to learn additional subjects to prepare me for the job market. i enjoy programming, but do not feel like i need to limit myself to programming, other tech areas would be fine as well. what do you suggest i learn ? (some answers may be php,c++,xml,jsp,php,etc)

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    Learning about databases is important in many fields. Almost all jobs seem to use some type of database. So learn SQL and theory about design. After you learn the basics, it may be nice to specialize in a particular type, such as Oracle or PLSQL or MySQL because each of them have special features... but each of them share basic the SQL syntax. Other topics depend largely on what field you want to work in. If you are going to application development, c++ would be a good language to learn... maybe Java or C# as well. If you plan on getting into web development, learn things such as HTML, XML, ASP .NET, php. VB or C# with the .Net framework may also be nice to learn. Java is a fairly nice language to learn because it is a very versatile and portable language and can be used on just about any type of system for almost any type of task.

    Become familiar with various operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows XP, etc. I am not saying you need to become a Unix/Linux guru... but obtaining enough experience to work your way through tasks is a nice thing to have. At my place of employment I do development on Windows XP and OS/400 (the operating system used on the IBM iSeries servers). The operating systems you use will vary, depending on the type of work you do. My friend works in scientific research and he uses linux quire a bit. Another person I know writes windows applications, so obviously, he uses Microsoft Windows (XP). If you suspect you are going to do more software development for particular operating system more than others, read up on how to program in that system.

    If you plan on doing software development in Windows, learn to use Visual Studio. If you don't have access to the full versions at your school, you can download the express versions of Visual studio from Microsoft for free.

    Learning the basic concepts of computer networking is a nice thing to do. But not an advanced understanding many not be as important unless you plan on going into a field where networking plays a major role. But it is still useful to have.

    Finally, learn good communication skills!!! Contrary to what a lot of developers claim to do, I do not have to communicate with co-workers a great deal (though I do some). However, communications skills are very important for the interview process. It doesn't matter if your resume looks great and you are a fountain of knowledge if you cannot communicate well during the job interview. Also, during the job interview, if they give you a problem or a task, do not remain silent in front of them. Explain how you are working through your problem so they can follow your logic and understand what you are doing. Communication is very important during the job interview, and to many others, during the average work day.

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    I will start learning

    Oracle or SQL Server

    Asp.net or Java

    That should prepare for you first job.

    To succeed in the job you need to know lot of other things then the actual programming languages it self.

    You need to have good communication skills. Good communication skill comes from good knowledge of the subject. For example if you are implementing a financial package you need to know about financial world So that you can talk to business users in their language.

    There are avenues like SAP or other ERP where you can make good money but for that you need to know business. You can join ABAP programmer in SAP.

    What I would suggest is while in the collage learn as much as possible.

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