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What's the best Clive Cussler book? Vacation reading material.?

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    I think his best are to be found in the run from


    Raise the Titanic!

    Vixen 03

    Night Probe!

    Deep Six





    Inca Gold

    From then there is a repetition of feel and incident, and a straining of credulity which goes beyond suspension of disbelief. ( my opinion).

    Most believable, (but now over-familiar?) Raise the Titanic!

    Most enjoyable (if you already know Dirk Pitt) Night Probe!

    Try also: older authors, if you can find them...

    Brian Callison: "A Flock of Ships" "The Sextant"

    Desmond Bagley: "Running Blind"

  • Jawn25
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    1 decade ago

    Something published before 2000.

    I got tired of reading about Clive putting himself into the stories as a character. It diminished the story. And how many times can you read about someone clenching their fist so tight that their knuckles turned ivory? And now the kids. Enough!

    Kurt Austin books are bad. They are just Dirk & Al recycled with weaker plots.

    Deep Six & Treasure are good.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It depends on what era of his writing you enjoy. Iceberg is excellent, but you may want to check out some of his newer material as well. Arctic Drift and Plague Shift being his two most recent works, I think you'd be happy with anything you haven't read yet!

    My personal favorite is Pacific Vortex

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