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uk employment law?

I have a small firm with one employee, at the minute things are very quite and I think i am going to have to pay him off, does anyone know the proceedure and what entitlements he'll be due. It is something i'am dreading he's a very good worker and been with me for 5 years but I have no work for him.

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    Give him notice under his contract that you are going to have to make him redundant and then make him a redundancy payment:

    Make sure he takes or you pay him any outstanding holiday. Give him a decent reference and let him know that you will take him back on when business picks up.

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    What sort of work do you do? If he is a good worker, think hard about how to expand your trade - many businesses that weather economic downturn hang onto good staff, and thrive. There is little chance of you being one of these if you get rid of what is likely one of your best business assets. I know things can be depressing but you are the boss, and it is for you to have the vision thing. Maybe you need to step back and think about expanding the area you work in, the people you market to, change what you do so more people want it, even get some training. If this recession bites, there will be some big losers - why should you guys not be winners? Very good luck, and don't give up yet.

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    You will have to pay him redundancy, any vacation timed owed, any expenses still owed, and other thing you have agreed to pay him. If you have not specified redundancy payment redundancy is calculated as one week pay for every year owed so you would owe him a minimum of five weeks pay for his redundancy. Links below should provide further information for you.

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    Check this out with entrust. The business advisors.

    If your employee has been with you full time I think you will have to pay him redundancy.

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    offer him a small share instead. That way he'll continue to be there for you. after 5 yrs he must be invaluable

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    i have recently got made redundant by my boss, i have been working for him for over 3 years. he paid me 3 moths of my wage.....

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    just lock the doors and if he has a key just change the locks. Sod it he is just a number! Lol

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