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What is the best thing to do with my old dog?

I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel. He has been a great dog, but now he is having lots of medical problems that are costing me way more than I can really afford. Plus, he is of course way past his prime, and doesn't do much of anything any more. I don't have room for two dogs, but I want a puppy or young dog that will be able to do something more than lay around and cost me money. What should I do with my cocker? I want what is best for him. Should I consider having him put to sleep? Or would a shelter be better for him? Thanks for the help.

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    First of all, cocker spaniels are smaller dogs and he could very well have years left. Second of all, I have a German Shepherd and he is 8. I now dread the DAY and have vowed to him that when he starts getting sick, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep him well and happy. Only when he is in severe pain that cannot be fixed will I consider this. I look at him now and cannot imagine life without him.Obviously you can afford him if you have the money to buy another dog and all the vet bills for him. Not to mention all the damges that come with a puppy. "I don't have room for two dogs, but I want a puppy or young dog that will be able to do something more than lay around and cost me money. What should I do with my cocker? I want what is best for him." Does this sound like you want what is best for HIM!! No, you want what is best for YOU!! I feel soooo sad for your dog. If this is how you feel, PLEASE don't do this to another dog. Good luck when you get old. KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think YOU would be better off in a shelter. What sort of person gets rid of a dog or puts it down because it's old and they want a younger one. Guess you will want to do the same with a husband/wife too eh when they have gone past their use by date. Yes you used this dog. Now it's no longer any use for you then it's okay to dump it like garbage or even murder it.

    My man you are not fit to own any dog. You are not even fit to be a part of the human race with such an outlook on life.

    I do hope you have kids too so as one day they they can have the pleasure of dumping you in a home and replacing you with a puppy. Maybe then when you are piddling yourself and drooling all over the place you will have time to think back what you did to this poor dog and regret that this thought ever even crossed your mind.

    Shame on you is right. You are a disgrace to humanity.

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    I'm going to tell u this cuz of the well being of ur dog. DO NOT take him to a shelter or a rescue. I work in a shelter so I know what I'm talking about. The older a dog gets he's immune system starts to wear down. So it's easier for him to catch illnesses. A shelter contains all sorts of animals. From strays to drop offs. In shelters disease control is difficult. Ur dog, being the age that he is DOES NOT need to go to the shelter. It would be lik writing out his death sentance and it would be a more painful death than just having him put down. DON'T go have him put down either. Talk to ur vet and see if ur dog is suffering. If he is then putting him to sleep is the best option. If he's not suffering then just let him live the rest of his life. It's cruel to want to get rid of him just b cuz he's old and can't do what he used to.

    Source(s): I work at an animal shelter.
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    I feel so sorry for your old guy. I think all animals cost money and its sad but if you lack in that department maybe you should re think bringing in a new one. My mix breed Gizmo is going on 20 years old. and my vet thinks she has some good quality of life left. Trust me she does not do much but she show us she loves us and she still eats and drinks well and will sometime have a little get and go, I would never dream of giving her away for someone else to deal with or putting her down for any reason except for bad pain and can't eat or drink anymore. If you could find a no kill shelter for your dog that would be great for him because he could live out the rest of his life which he has earned.

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    So, all of the above replies don t address her/his question. If she/he can t afford to care for the dog anymore, then she/he should put the dog up for adoption, either from a loving family or an organization. Shelters are not friendly, and killing animals is not ethical in my opinion.

    However, people need to calm down. No one talked about beating the dog, no one talked about starving the dog. The OP just wanted advise on how to deal with a situation that she/he can t handle anymore. People put children up for adoption, too, and i ve never seen people act so foolish over one s contemplation of doing so. Get a grip.

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    Oh how I hope someone feels this way about you when you get old too.

    If you can't afford to take care of your senior dog sure as he-- you can;t afford to take care of a pup.

    What do you do with the dog. Love him for the rest of his life. Give him all he needs to keep him happy and comfortable. Only when all quality of life is gone do you think about doing anything else.

    It just makes me sick to think you could let this dog go so easily. when it has given you the best years of it's life. A real dog lover like myself only lets a dog go when there is no other option at all.

    I'm praying you are just a troll. As someone who had to put a much loved dog down just 3 weeks ago who would have loved the opportunity to spend thousands on her and make her well this just makes me want to vomit!

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    Ever heard of the old saying "A dog is for LIFE"?

    When you get a dog you should realise that he/she will get older and if you cant put up with an old dog then you shouldnt have one at all.

    How would you like your kids to pull the plug on you when you are 70 because you "just lay around all day" and cost them money?!

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    I disagree with Randall... I think that you SHOULD have kids... And then we can all laugh when they throw you in the home because you are old and they want to play with younger humans. Kids learn from example after all...

    Shame on you! A dog is a lifetime commitment for the life of the dog, not just until they have become inconvenient.

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    Dear one - this is a good time for you to learn what your OWN future will be. Eventually you will be old and will sit around and cost money.

    BUT I do understand that your finances may simply not be able to handle the expenses.

    Talk to your vet about your options -

    Talk to a cocker spaniel rescue group who may be able to help you rehome your dog.

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    If your dog is suffering then the best thing may be to have him put to sleep.If it is more the case you can not afford to keep him any more then some resuce kennels may be will to take him-Ie Rspca,NCDL.Just remember tho a new dog/puppy may cost you just as much they are not cheap.Hope this helps

    Source(s): vet nurse
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