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What chance do we have?

As another transfer target states he wont come to Scotland because of the lack of exposure, what chance do the Old-Firm have of attracting world class players to our league. As i said before players would now rather go to the likes of Hull-City than Celtic or Rangers just to play in the Premiership! What chance do we have? I think everyone on here would admit there is only two players who could be mentioned in that class at the Moment Nakamura & Boruc, sadly i think when those two go we might struggle to attract another.


Keypint Celtic & Rangers have made massive strides to wipe out sectarianism and it is working!

I also disagree that the old firm cant afford the Wages/Transfer fees Rangers have just spent 4 Million and Celtic offered 5.5 so the cash is there.

Nakamura and Boric(in particular) are world class in the sence they have played at top tournaments for their countries and both players are known throughout the world.

Was Boric not the best keeper at the Euros? Other world class keepers where there and he was better.

Update 2:

GWW McGregor is a good Goalie but is not even 1st choice for Scotland! As for Cuellar what position does he fill in the Spanish back four? Wise Up!

Update 3:

Errapolli lets see how much we get for Boruc and how much you get for McGregor. Fletcher is a great prospect but no mention of McGeady as potential i wonder why!

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    the only reason you mention those two, is because youre a celtic fan.

    nakamura is in no way world class and has a lot of flaws in his game. a good free kick taker doesnt make you world class, nice luxury, but he isnt exactly beckham standard, not by a long shot.

    as for boruc, mcgregor is at least as good as him. boruc lets in a lot of daft goals and his behaviour would be a barrier for any club who he may want to take him seriously.

    the problem with both is they would sign for premiership clubs, but probably not your man utds or chelseas. that to me is premiership quality.

    Cuellar may not have made it to the spanish squad but he is one of the best defenders on the continent, few in the uk can come close to his standard, and McGregor is only kept out of the Scotland squad by a keeper who has yet to make a mistake.

    And young Fletcher is being looked at by Real Madrid.

    ommiting them due to your own team bias is silly.

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    i dont agree, kenny millers world class........only joking, your right, they could be the last 2 we ever have in scotland!

    I dont think its the lack of exposure they dont like, its probably bacause celtic n rangers only pay half the amount in wages they wer paying a couple of years ago! not that it was big wages that attracted our only other world class player since the early 80s, Henrik Larsson

    Players like Nakamura and Boruc have shown in big matches against teams like man united just how good they are, not just in the spl!

    McGeady has the potential if he stays another couple of years and people dont hound him by saying hes not good until he goes to england or somewhere! Henrik has proven everyone wrong on that matter by leaving when he was past his best but still being good enough to win the champs league for barca, even after another bad injury and at 35 or 36 still being good enough to play for man united. Being class or world class isnt about following the big bucks in england, to me being class is being loyal to a club you love, being honest with the fans while continueing to produce performances week in week out against big and small teams alike, just the way we all seen Henrik do things

    As for the rangers players mentioned, I didnt pay much attention to them last season except in the last 2 celtic v rangers matches, too be honest, i cant even remember them in the 2nd, i think maybe cueller got banned from the 2nd for cheating in the first (of the last 2) and the goalie was injured! I just couldnt watch rangers for more than 5 mins without falling asleep in their other matches!!

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    The old firm could not even afford the wages of " world class players " never mind the transfer fees, so even if a player was willing to come it would be out of the question financially.

    As for Boruc and Nakamura being world class, your having a laugh!

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    medals, titles, fan adulation mean little to todays players - they're only interested in their yearly wage, that's the bottom line. They'd rather play for the Hulls of this world than the old firm providing hull were paying a few bob extra. It's a problem even man u are facing at the moment but then they, like every other club to some extent or other, continually screw the fans and then can't take it when they're getting screwed themselves. sorry, am I still talking about football??

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    Buyer beware of so called World Class players ahem, I do recall Celtic signing a certain world class player from the mighty Real Madrid and paid him world class money 45K a week . Still at the Club with a long way to run on his contract @ 45K a week that's 2.34 Million a year.

    I don't see him accepting being punted of somewhere like The new Henrik AKA the not so Magic Zuravksi, No he'll stay and honour his contract of 45k a week no danger.

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    Well i have to disagree that Nakamura is world class, he is far from it, he only looks good in a poor Scottish league, if he was so called world class, he would not have come from a Micky mouse Italian club to a Micky mouse league, i don't see the English screaming out for him either, do we?

    As for Boruc he is another who is not world class, yes he has the potential to become world class, once he moves to a world class team, he came from no-where, has a good season at Celtic now he is world class.

    But hey your entitled to your obviously bias opinion.

    The old firm have no chance to get world class players, they can get good players, turn them into better players or look better in this league, then they move on to become world class ( as in Boruc case) We need to forget about these multi million players, and bread our own world class players, we done it before we can do it again, it will only take time....

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    Ally you seem to have omitted Allan MGregor & Carlos Queller. You surely cannot be saying that Nakamura and Boruc are a higher class of player than those two.

    And Boruc played better during the tournament than Buffon. Come on mate if you think that is true the old tinted specs need to come off.

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    Any player that chooses Hull over Celtic or Rangers, or in fact any team that is guaranteed European football for the forthcoming season, is only in it for the money and not worth toilet paper as a player.

    There might be those who say that by being at Hull or similar will get them noticed, but if they were to play european football, they might get noticed a lot quicker.

    So to those "professionals" that look for cash, gedditupye, we don't want you.

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    It all comes down to money also,rangers and celtic won't pay the wages so called world class players want so we will never get them to sign unless they,as someone else pointed out,are coming to the end of their career.

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    Don't agree that either of them are world-class, Ally. Naka lived on that free-kick V Man Utd until he scored against Rangers. The keeper may well have stood out in a very poor Polish side, but has been said already, his mental health issues will stop him getting a move to any of the major teams.

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