Why Indian girls things that sex is a bad thing.?

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Why Indian girls things that sex is a bad thing. How can I find the Indian girs who r open minded and interested in sex ?
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what is your problem man?it's a good thing Indian girls have brains unlike some people here in *cough* us *cough*.
As for your question,i'm not sure why they think sex is a bad thing, but maybe just maybe because it's wrong to have sex before marriage??and you could get diseases if you become a whore? yeah i know i'm probably wrong, i mean come on who would think sex before marriage is a problem??i mean all you get is diseases and a good chance to die young.....
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  • Pinolera answered 6 years ago
    Well, thank goodness someone has morals. Good for those Indian girls. American girls can learn from that.
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  • rasida.ahmed answered 6 years ago
    Due to there religion and culture,thousand years tradition. After marrage it is well come to them,then sex is not bad things. Go sex only with the husband.
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  • Fred M answered 6 years ago
    why are you asking your question in the DINING OUT section? please learn to use yahoo answers properly
    thank you
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  • Manish J answered 6 years ago
    They don't. Marry one and find out :) I was pleasantly surprised to learn how open-minded my wife is. But of course, I couldn't have gotten anywhere with her before marriage cause she didn't go for that.
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  • omar s answered 6 years ago
    Dude, wht? Not to be rude but............................... WHT?????
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