Who is the oldest retired pro wrestler alive ?

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Who is the oldest retired pro wrestler alive ?
Update : Who is the youngest active pro wrestler right now ?
Update 2: Who is the oldest active pro wrestler right now ?
Update 3: Answer these 3 questions, and get BEST ANSWER.
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  • Jeez answered 6 years ago
Damn that's a tough question oldest retired pro wrestler that's still alive?

Maybe Johnnie Mae Young (born March 12, 1923) a former female professional wrestler.

The youngest is pretty darn hard as well, maybe Katsuhiko Nakajima (中嶋 勝彦, Nakajima Katsuhiko?, born March 11, 1988) is a Japanese professional wrestler, represented as a freelancer by his mentor Kensuke Sasaki's Kensuke Office. He most frequently wrestles in All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is a former AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

I do know the oldest currently wrestling is Gilberto Melendez (born December 2, 1933) is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler better known under the ring name Gypsy Joe. Currently he wrestles for the Southern Wrestling Federation in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

So I guess If I got the other 2 wrong 1 out of 3 aint too bad, I'd like to see if anyone has a clear cut answer.
Good Question, I starred it!

EDIT: I assume when you say pro-wrestling you mean all federations, not just WWE, that would be easier,

Mae young would still be correct, Colin Delaney (born September 7, 1986) is actually younger than Cody Rhodes and the oldest to still be wrestling in WWE is The Undertaker Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), unless you count Vince as a wrestler then I guess he is (born August 24, 1945).

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  • Stardy answered 6 years ago
    Oldest Retired: No idea...

    Youngest Active: Larado Kid (18)

    Oldest Active: Robbie Ellis (64 or something)

    Both of them Indy Wrestlers. (:
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  • KING OF KINGS THE GAME TRIPLE H answered 6 years ago
    vince he does wrestle if not it would be taker


    i am king of kings bow down
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  • johnjones098 answered 6 years ago
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  • Mr. Bucks answered 6 years ago
    Hulk Hogan

    Colin Delaney

    Undertaker, a few months older than HBK
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  • lYK DiE?? answered 6 years ago
    The oldest retired professional wrestler is Bruno Sammartino, born October 6, 1935. The youngest active professional is Cody Rhodes, born June 30, 1985. The oldest active professional wrestler is The Undertaker, born March 24, 1965...Hope it helps!
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  • TheXtremeKidX answered 6 years ago
    hulk hogan
    cody rhodes or ted dibiase jr
    undetaker or hbk
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  • alex_aek24 answered 6 years ago
    Hulk Hogan !!!

    Cody Rhodes

    The Phenom !!!!!!!!
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  • Just Joe answered 6 years ago
    Bruno Sammartino oldest wrestler I can think of here in the States...
    Youngest Cody Rhodes in WWE
    TNA no clue
    Mexico and Indy no clue
    Oldest in WWE Undertaker
    TNA Sting
    Mexico and Indy shows Mil Mascaras
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  • Tanya M answered 6 years ago
    Hulk Hogan

    Cody Rhodes

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