where is east timor? and who invaded it in 1975?

and what is australias response to this invasion?

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    East Timor is about 300 miles north of Australia.

    Indonesia invaded in in 1975 for the oil.

    Australia has helped to try to get Indonesia out and to get the East Timorese back on their feet. However, Australia has unfortunately not been as angry at Indonesia for it as we should have been because Indonesia is our close neighbour and we don't like to make them angry.

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    East Timor lies to the North of Australia, and South East of Indonesia. It shares an Island with West Timor, which is Indonesian territory. Timor used to be Dutch territory and was distinguished from the rest of Dutch East India (Now Indonesia) because it was predominantly Catholic as opposed to Muslim. Its short-lived independence was ended in 1975 when Indonesia invaded and annexed the territory due to the left-leaning tendencies of the Timorese Government. Australia and the United States silently approved of this act as part of the larger Cold War strategy to prevent the spread of communism.

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