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What is the Tagalog word for that extra pillow?

okay the one you sleep on is "unan"...what about the extra one that you usually put your leg on or hug close to you? what is that called in tagalog or in your dialect?

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    =)) in Cebuano: Tanday; Ilonggo: talandayan.

    Can't sleep without one. My hubby's warm enough but nothing beats my fluffy (and a little smelly) tanday which i refused to share with hubby too!

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    That's very, very easy, man!!!!!

    "Bigyan po ninyo kami ng dalawa pa'ng unan para sa paa namin po."

    Give us two more pillows for our feet.

    Bigyan = Give

    Kami = Us

    Dalawa = Two

    Unan = Pillow

    Para = For

    Paa = Foot

    Namin = Us

    ..... OR .....

    "Pakiusap po, dalhan ninyo ako ng ekstra'ng unan para sa aki'ng mga paa ho."

    Please, send me an extra pillow for my feet.

    Pakiusap = Please or I'm asking you

    Dalhan = Send

    Ninyo = You

    Ako = Me

    Ekstra = Extra

    Akin = My, Mine

    Mga Paa = Feet

    I hope I was able to help you.

    And,don't forget to say, "Salamat po"! That's thank you in Tagalog.


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    dantayan. i'm tagalog. but when i was still little, about 5 or 6, i used to call it "dor". i made it up. =)

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    my kids call it "love" cuz they hug them until they fall asleep.

    so when I say "sleep na" they would quickly retort "nasan ang love ko?"

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    Unan pa rin.

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    "dantayan" is that what you are looking for? or simply additional unan. "isa pang unan"

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    dantayan... or tandayan...

    to "dantay" or "tanday" means to hug. so a "dantayan" or "tandayan" is something that you hug.

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    Its still is "Unan" I guess? what's the difference?

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    "ambrashador" is what I know (probably Spanish in origin).

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    i wish i ex was philipino

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