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How to go from Disneyworld Olando to Universal Studio

Which is the cheapest and fastest way to go from disneyworld to

universal studio (except taxi)?

Around how much & takes how long?

Where can i take it?

What is the frequency of this transport?

Any website for reference?

thz for whoever helps me :P

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    There are free scheduled shuttle bus to Disney Theme Park

    and Universeal Studio, Sea World etc. as provided by some of

    the motels in Orlando, Florida. You can check the web sites

    as belows:

    Also, LYNX buses and GREYHOUND buses both have

    transportation services to Universal Studio, Walt Disney

    World etc. The web sites are:

    Actually, you can go to YAHOO web site - search

    for INTERNATIONAL- USA, tracking for LYNX BUSES

    or GREYHOUND BUSES, then, you will have detailed

    informations with different web sites.

    If you drive, it will take only 30 minutes from Universal

    Studio to Walt Disney World. I lived in Orlando, Florida

    before. I can drive you there. You can email to me if

    you have any questions.

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    Check on Yahoo map, so you know you distance from Disneyworld to Universal studio. If you don't take taxi, I think you need to drive there. You can take buses to there, but it takes you forever to get there!

    Good luck!

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