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    1990, the 24 years old one J.K Luolin sit at train to London," Harry Potter " Have rushed into his life, through car window, walk back and forth Buddha see one black thin and weak hair, the little wizard who wears glasses is smiling at him, ten annual after," Potter in Harry " Have become J.K Luolin that global fairy tale personages of the wind fan have liked the writing since childhood, a single parent's mother, because can not find the work, can only support oneself and daughter by the meager unemployment benefit, in order to flee from the small and cold room, he is always the writing in the coffee house very full of trees of Buddhist nun near the household of the nest, because have money order, show last one Bubono, card of cup, each time, one word one word write story, Harry of Potter fruit Harry Potter publish, sweep the whole world with surprising magic power, J.K Luolin is in one night, the poor single parent's mother who never knows, it suddenly become last world name by writer situation of selling well," Potter in Harry " The agitation of reading raised in the whole world, is known as " Wrapping four the first fanaticism of literary circles " Luo Lin say," Potter in Harry " It is one that will bring a happy book to her, obviously undoubted, for reader too.

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    加油! 好好說故事!

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