What are the real time frames for a fiance who begins a petition from United States.?

The petitioner is a US citizen. How long will the process take from application to approval of the petition?

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    It can take anything from 4 months to a couple of years depending on where the USC files and where the foreign fiance lives.

    Go to http://www.visajourney.com as members there keep searchable records of their filing dates and milestones. You can check recent timelines from people living in your part of the USA who have fiances in the same country as you. It's a free site and is a very useful source of information and support. My husband and I used it when filing for my K-1.

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    there are no guaranteed time frame...because sometimes uscis might need some other documents from you or from her. my husband started to file the petition on May of 2005 and everything went well so i got the medical check up and the interview by November of the same year and was approved. But this does not cover everyone else, when it comes to the embassy interview your petitioned fiance must meet the required documents and must satisfy the consul interviewing her. so my advice is bring all the documents stated on the checklist she will received within the following month and it would also help to bring more than the required documents because sometimes the consul might require more than the checklist. so better all the necessary documents/files she/he can bring during the interview.

    Source(s): was petitioned as fiance visa and now is in the process of removing the conditions
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    From filing to approval - a few months.

    From filing to getting the K1 visa in hand, between 8-12 months in most cases, some take considerably longer.

    There is no real time-frame, since each petition is dealt with on a case by case basis, others are more complex and thus the extra time needed to complete.

    But 8-12 months is a good guidline for the entire process.

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