Which film(s) hold the record for the cast that has the most Oscar wins?

It doesn't matter what they won the Oscar for, it could be Make-Up or Set Design.

This is including cameo appearances and animated features.

All era's, all genre's, every movie ever made.


List the top 3, and here's one more clue. The amount of each.

1.) 22 Oscars

2.) 16 Oscars

3.) 15 Oscars

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    "Bad Day at Black Rock" (1955): Walter Brennan (3), Spencer Tracy (2), Lee Marvin (1), Dean Jagger (1) and Ernest Borgnine (1).

    2 "Murder on the Orient Express" (1974): Ingrid Bergman (3), Sean Connery (1), John Gielgud (1), Martin Balsam (1), Vanessa Redgrave (1) and Wendy Hiller (1).

    3 "Death on the Nile" (1978): Bette Davis (2), Peter Ustinov (2), Maggie Smith (2), George Kennedy (1) and David Niven (1).


    Dear Mathematical: I can think of lots of movies that have a cast with eight Oscars among them:

    "Julia," "Reds" (if you count Warren Beatty's director Oscar, which I certainly do), "Alice Adams" (as long as you count Walter Brennan even though his scenes were deleted), TV's "Jesus of Nazareth," "Gone With the Wind" and "Philadelphia."

    So I'll not only see your tiny list of 8s, but raise you a few more. How does 10 sound?

    "How the West Was Won" (1962): Henry Fonda (1), Karl Malden (1), Gregory Peck (1), James Stewart (1), John Wayne (1), Walter Brennan (3) and the narrator, Spencer Tracy (2).

    "American Creed" (1946): Ingrid Bergman (3), Katharine Hepburn (4), Jennifer Jones (1), James Stewart (1) and Shirley Temple (1, a special juvenile award).

    Now, Dean, you might want to argue that "American Creed" is a 20-minute film short, but I don't recall you putting restrictions on the tally.

    Or maybe 11 sounds better.

    "That's Entertainment!" (1974): Bing Crosby (1), Liza Minnelli (1), Frank Sinatra (1), James Stewart (1), Elizabeth Taylor (2), Joan Crawford (1), Clark Gable (1), Ginger Rogers (1), Wallace Beery (1) and, as long as I count special juvenile Oscars, Margaret O'Brien (1).

    Still not satisfied? OK. Then how about 15?

    "The Player" (1992): Tim Robbins (1), Whoopi Goldberg (1), Sydney Pollack (2, for directing and producing), Cher (1), Louise Fletcher (1), Joel Grey (1), Anjelica Huston (1), Jack Lemmon (2), James Coburn (1), Marlee Matlin (1), Susan Sarandon (1), Rod Steiger (1) and Julia Roberts (1). (Yes, I realize most of those were cameos.)

    Need more? Would you consider 16?

    "The Oscar" (1966): Ernest Borgnine (1), Ed Begley (1), Walter Brennan (3), Broderick Crawford (1), James Dunn (1), Frank Sinatra (1) and -- drumroll, please -- Edith Head (8). Maybe she did win her Oscars for costume designing, but she appeared in "The Oscar."

    And, having saved my best for last, how about 22?

    "Mickey and the Beanstalk" (1947). Walt Disney (22). After all, Walt provided the voice of Mickey Mouse.

    P.S. I get a "Wall-E" mini-cooler and T-shirt.

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    Lord Of The Rings?

    Gone With The Wind?

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    Ben hur, I think Lord of the rings. Not sure. Ben hur was the biggest film in 1959. Because of it they made others like it. Im 17 and absolutly loved that movie.

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  • 1 decade ago

    titanic i believe...

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