Most durable MP3 player/iPod?

I'm looking for one with quite a bit of storage at least like 35 gb. Video playing capability is also a must.

It seems that the MP3 players I get tend to get tons of problems. The most recent one is a Zune. The battery dies very quickly now. I also used to have a Sansa which dropped after I broke it once.

I was thinking about going with an iPod and finally seeing what all the buzz is about. Are they really that much better?

Also can you subscribe to a service like a Zune Pass to fill your iPod with music for a certain charge each month?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


"which dropped after I broke it once." wow I can tell that I'm tired.

I meant which broke after I dropped it once.

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    I was just dealing with the saaaame problems before I bought mine XD

    But after looking around at reviews and stuff, I learnt that the Creative Zen Vision W is the most reliable for what I needed.

    * Beautiful wide-screen display

    * Durable design

    * Intuitive interface

    * Holds up to 60GB

    * Supports wide array of video formats

    * Plays FM radio

    * Syncs with Outlook

    * Removable battery

    * CompactFlash slot is nice for photographers

    * Good value for a widescreen PVP

    Also, there is a 30GB one, which seems to be around the range you are looking for, but the one I got holds 60GB. And I was SOOOO glad I got it.

    here is a picture of it.

    And please, don't get an iPod. Yes, they look "cool" but they have soooo many problems. I wasted my money buying one. Plus, the videos are tiny and you have to convert every single one with a conversion program that ISN'T included in the software you get.

    And if you do plan on buying one, get it off eBay, their prices are generally the best.

    here are some links to get you started:



    Keep in mind that these eBay links may not be the best pricewise, so you may want to do a bit more searching, but I just wanted to show you the general price range for each.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): eBay cnet
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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on your needs.

    Then the Sony A720 series maybe what you need. It has fantastic sound, that blows away any ipod. Audio battery life that is last 34 hours(video is about 7 hours) 10 more than the Nano, in a similar size but with a 2.4in screen. The interface is pretty easy to use and nice to use. It is a simple drag and drop with explorer or finder depending on your os(UMS). Comes in 4-16gb models. Then there is the Sony A610 series. It comes with similar specs, but it has a small screen, and adds Fm radio to it. This device is also priced lower, and is a little smaller, but fatter(because of the Fm stuff). It also has very good sound. Sony also make this model with a built in noise canceling system, but that raises the price a little. It comes in 2-8gb models. They can be had for as low as $100 - $300 depending on the model and options.

    Then there is the Sandisk Fuze. Another simple player, with decent interface. However, you get sound that is equal to the ipod, but at price that is way lower. Plus it has an sd expansion slot when your library grows. Again it is UMS so it is drag and drop. The battery life is around 24 hours like the Nano and it has 1.9in screen which just as nice as the Nano. The Fuze comes in 4-8gb models. Sandisk is the maker of many memory cards and has been highly regarded as a good product in the tech world.

    If you wan a device with more features. There is the do it all Cowon D2. It has a 2.5in touch screen, and supports a multitude of video and audio codec(rarely find the need to convert audio or video files). Video life is 8 hours and audio is like 40+ hours. It also has flash support, voice recorder, sd card slot(sdhc support), and games. Not to mention Fm radio. Comes in 2-16gb models. This a ums device. Can be had for as low as $125 for a 2gb model(ebay) or around $145 for a 4gb. Then you can get a 4gb sd card for like $20 or less of amazon. Cowon Q5. A 5in touch screen device that is running a windows ce based device. Has a lot of codec support, and also has gps as an option. It comes in 30gb, 60gb and now 80gb models. The sound quality is great for a video oriented device(and to most hands down better than the ipod any model).

    Samsung P2 has a nice 3in screen with fantastic support and firmware upgrades from Samsung. It is mainly touch screen. Has a mic for voice recording. It has a decent amount of audio codec support. Best of all it comes with bluetooth for wireless headphones, and connection to your cellphone, so you can dial, answer calls, and use the accessory bt headphones as the headset via the device. It comes on 2-16gb models. On the lower end Samsung makes the T10, and S5. They are both pretty similar device, the only difference being the S5 has a built in slide out speaker. They both have like a 2.0, and also have bluetooth, which has the same capabilities as the P2. All the Samsung sound pretty good and are a little better than the ipod in this category. They both come in 2-8gb. All the samsungs have the ability to be UMS(drag and drop) via the korean firmware(language is still in English) otherwise it is MTP which you use window media player to transfer music or explorer. They also come with fm radio.. BTW Samsung is the company that provides the flash chips for the Nano, Shuffle and iphone/touch devices.

    The Toshiba Gigabeat T400 is a 4gb device and easy to use. It has a large screen a 2.4in, but it is not that large. It also same great sound quality of the Zune, and also the same audio and video support. Only downside is the fact that it only comes in 4gb, but the price is solid at $100 or $70 new on Amazon. The interface is nice and easy to use. It also comes with a fm radio. Actually the Zune is manufactured by Toshiba and MS does the rest(software, connectivity and such).

    iRiver Clix2 a 2.2in screen device that uses an innovated D-click system to navigate and such. It come in 2-8gb models in a few color styles. Has flash lite support for games, themes, and such. The audio quality is rated as better than the ipod. Battery life is 24 hours for audio and I think 4-5.5 hours for video. It also has, FM radio and voice recorder. It is pretty small because of the D-click system. Then there is the newer Lplayer which is more the same. It has a smaller 2.0in screen, and is a little smaller all around. It has all the same features(not sure about flash lite support though). It also has good sound quality.

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    1 decade ago

    Other than iPod's Samsung have really reliable and easy to use MP3 players.

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    1 decade ago

    Either get the ipod classic 6th generation 80GB which cost $249 or the ipod classic 6th generation 160GB.

    The ipod classic 80GB holds 20,000 and The ipod classic 6th generation 160GB holds 40,000 songs.

    You can get a season pass on some shows on itunes but I'm pretty sure you can't do it with music.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ummm, they break easy too. maybe you should get the ipod classic, it is stronger, plays music, plays video, and has alot of space:

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