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Cost of repairing cracked/bowed cinder block basement?

I was wondering if anyone had appx cost of repairing cracked cinder block wall. There is nothing supporting the inside of the blocks. The crack is about 1-2 feet from the top of the wall (at ground level?). the top portion is bowing inward. the crack spans the entire length of the wall and about 3-4 feet into the adjoining walls. i think it has been there since 1959 when the house was built. i think it resulted from improper backfilling. also there is a 20x40 foot inground pool right behind the wall with concrete b/t the house and the pool. the crack at its widest is about 2-3 ". any suggestions on how to repair (located in western michigan), or companies to repair it , etc, are greatly appreciated. also personal stories that are similar and costs of repair would also help me get a better idea. thankyou

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We had a similar problem with a home we purchased in 1982 that was 19 years old. A structual engineer had placed steel posts to support the upper floor for safety reasons. I had an engineer inspect it prior to purchase, and assured me it was that way shortly after the build. The problem is caused by improper build, drainage, and back fill. It will cost a few thousand dollars to repair. Most likely, it has not changed since the house was built, but if you want piece of mind, it will have to be dug out, wall repaired, gravel, drainage, and sealer installed. Get advice from a structal engineer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all - a little lesson on terminology. Cinder block is a do it yourself term. Your blocks are either Concrete or Haydite. Concrete is just that concrete. Haydite is a lighter weight block (which is often referred to as cinder block).

    If your walls are really haydite block and not concrete - I bet they are concrete, there probably was not enough mass weight to hold the soil back.

    Anyway, you know you cannot push that bowed wall back.

    You should take it out and re-lay with new block, using durawall embedded in horizontal joints, and pilasters every 8' across the wall.

    Short of taking the wall out, You can add pilasters to the inside wall, but they need to be hefty and grouted full.

    Call a masonry contractor for a price quote.

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  • lar45
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    1 decade ago

    I've built some habitat homes and we use the cinder block sometimes to build the basement. I know for one thing if I was going to do the job myself, I would indeed support that side of the house where I would be working with house jacks and large timbers. I think i would then contract the work out, the actual laying the concrete blocks to make sure it was structural ok. You know what? Its going to be just a lot of work.

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