what type of strategies can be used in achieving goals for a business?

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    The process of achieving goals is pretty much the same for a business, a profession, or for general life goals.

    First, what is a goal? A goal is not an end point of a process. It is best to think of a goal as a process of achieving a worthwhile objective. The objective is a definite state in the future. The goal is with you from the point in time when you set it as a goal. In terms of your happiness and success in life, the process is more important than attaining the specific objective. An objective is a good one if it keeps you excited about the process. Life is in the process.

    That said, here are the steps to achieving your goals.

    1. Choose goals only because they appear worthwhile to you and you look forward with excitement to engaging in the process of achieving the objectives. If you do not love the process you will hate your life. That is not success.

    2. Break down the business goals into short term goals ( a year or less) and long term goals: generally three year, five year and ten year periods are about right. Put the goals on a planning schedule.

    3. For each long or short term goal break the process down into small, specific action steps. Then make a plan for taking these steps. Write down the most important steps in red.Do the red letter steps first each day.

    4. Plan each week and make a to-do list each day. Make sure that each and every step in your to-do list is an important step in the process of achieving an important goal.

    5. Cross out every action step and objective after you have done or achieved it. You will get pleasure from crossing these out, as this means you are on the way toward your goals. Reward yourself for each cross out, especially the big ones.

    6. Once a year re-visit your plan. Make sure that the goals are still relevant to your life and exciting. Don't give up because of failure; re-double your efforts. A good tie to do this is the last week in December, or the last week of your business year.

    Finally, a few matters of special concern for business.

    First, the most important concern in the early stages is cash flow. If you cannot generate cash flow with your product or service you may have a poor business idea.

    Second, do not invest significant money time or effort in a business idea until you have demonstrated that you can generate cash flow. No body cares about how great your idea is, or how terrific your office or computer systems.

    Invest your own money, and borrow from a bank, once you have a demonstrated winner.

    Third, always stay flexible and informed. A business cannot rest on its laurels. The world is constrantly changing. You must read everything you can and talk to all of your clients about their needs and develop new products and services relevant to the new situation.

    Great luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you looking for more marketing/sales type of strategies or overall planning strategies? Below are some planning strategies & a great article about time management & achieving your goals.

    1. Remember your vision for your business. What is your ideal business situation?

    2. Set SMART Goals

    3. Plan the actions to complete your goals & set due dates for each task to be accomplished. Live by that calendar.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a pretty general question...probably too general to be answered well in this limited space without really knowing what you want to know. There are some terrific books which offer tips for becoming successful in business. The problem is, for every good book, there are five not worth a burger at a fast food restaurant.

    Jack Welch and Peter Drucker are among two of the "greats" who have written excellent books. Reading anything/everything written about Warren Buffett is also time well spent. Speak with teachers/professors/business people you know and respect and they'll be able to add to that list.

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