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What to do about a baby bird in our backyard???? HELP!?

I have a cute little baby bird in my backyard. His mother is dead under our trampoline. He won't leave her side. We are gonna remove the mother later. We think he fell out of his nest... I dont want to just leave him! We put out some food for him and a little water... Would it be okay to take him inside if we buy him a little cage? I already have a pet bird so I have plenty of bird seed. Please help! A cat could get him if I dont act fast.

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    ya, that would be fine. but if its a baby, it cant eat birdseed. chop up worns into mush, the get him to eat it off your finger, do this for a week, then get him to eat birdseed. & do your research, the kind of birds u have might eat different food. & DONT FEED IT AVOCADO!!!

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    Don't bother buying a cage. No one is permitted to keep native wild birds as pets.

    If the bird is fully feathered, it didn't fall out of nest - it's a fledgling. Baby birds leave the nest before they can fly. Fledglings are supposed to be on the ground.

    If the bird is a fledgling (feathered), and the other parent is feeding it - please leave it alone.

    If it's a nestling (bald, down or pin feathers), it belongs in a nest. If there is another parent actively caring for it - you should attempt to put it back in the nest, if possible.

    If the bird is truly abandoned, you should contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. They are trained and equipped experts, and the only people who can legally care for native wild birds in North America.

    Check this link for worldwide listings:

    In the US, rehabilitation is regulated by the Federal government and State DNR (Dept of Natural Resources), or Dept of Fish and Game. Services are free to the public, as all native wild birds are protected by federal law.

    There are several sites with listing of rehabbers, although the easiest way to find one is to search Yahoo! or Google for "wildlife rehabilitation + your state (try both full and abbreviated)". Also search on "DNR rehabilitation + your state".

    You may be able to find a contact for a nearby rehabber through your local humane society, animal shelter, or police department.

    Links are also available on these sites:

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    You need to find an experienced wildlife rehabilitator. They will tell you what to do. This is a national list that goes by states and even international

    If you really think a cat is going to eat the bird and want to get him out of harms way he will need a dark, quiet place, like a box. This helps keep birds from stressing.

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    Contact the local wild life rehab agency and turn the bird over to them. Wild birds carry disease that can be transmitted to your pet bird and they do NOT eat the same foods. If this baby is in danger, you can place it in a cardboard box, lined with newspaper until you can get it transported to the wild life folks. Often calling the department of fish and game can assist you in locating the wild life rehab folks.

    Hope this helps,

    Source(s): I am a licensed wildlife rehabber in my state.
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    You'd better call a local wildlife rehabilitation facility. They may require you to drop the baby bird off, or pick it up themselves. If this isn't possible, and you are bent on temporarily taking care of it, read this site completely:

    It's detailed on what care is necessary.

    Good luck with it.

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    You might wan to take him do a shelter near by, so they could handle them, but depending on how old he is you could find some worm or small gushy bugs for him to eat. You could keep him in your cage but the only problem is that he is a wild bird and he has different instincts than a store breed bird so I don't know what will happen.

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    It's pretty sad but you should probably just leave it. Without a mom the baby bird can't survive. If you are desperate to help the poor thing try calling your vet and they will give you the best advice.

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    Animal care and control will pick him up, i think it's best if they get him strong and let him go. Better life than living in a cage.

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    Get the baby into a safe place, a small cage will do. He may be too young to feed himself. You will need tweezers to feed him.Catch small bugs or worms and use the tweezers to feed him with. An eye dropper is need to give him water,(not too much). Thanks for people like you who care about our little friends. Good luck!!

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    you may need to feed ut it live bait, but rescue it you should, then ring rspca and they will advise you where you can take it locally so that it is cared for proeprly and does not become dependent on humans.

    fear of humans is a survival instinct necessary in the wild, and if you make it too dependent on you it will not be able to survive and hunt or forage for food on its own

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    Take care of the baby bird until it is old enough

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