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nursing career?

what is it like to be a nurse (possibly specialising in padeatrics) salary, hours (u.s or u.k but please specify from which you are answering from) thanks


lea....'make sure the doses ARE (you spelled that wrong) correct.' why do you find it sad and if you dont like it why do you do it?

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    Hi Daisy..............I have a friend in Utah....she just wrapped up her education about a month ago.......and she's starting in a nursing home for 22.oo per hour..........but I live in Washington state......and there's a big demand for nurses.....they are about 26.oo here. All my life it's never been about dollars, you have to love what you are doing, and the dollars will come later. The nurse I was referring to in Utah is in a nursing home.......has to bury all her patients..........and that's tough if you get to close. We all need them at times......the neat ,clean ,willing to take a moment to talk or tease.......are the most enjoyed, I believe. But you still have to be aware of everything around you. Do not judge what you kind to all..........some here work four day weeks and some 5 hr. are varied. If you have a good sense of humor and can give it back as well as receive will probably love it. All the best to last nurse read the charts wrong in my room and she was under the covers checking out my lower unit:) when she realized that it was the guy next to me that she was supposed to be needless to say, I and my roomate didn't let up on her about her oversexed desires:)lol And she was a good sport and rolled right along with it.....She always had time to talk and be nice.......but also not get too close.........God Bless......and all the best. Don't try and be the Doctor just do what he or she patient, kind , and understanding.....the best way that you know how. Nice hair, clean clothes, nice smell and a great mind always makes a nurse special to me........imo only.

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    It's a problematic query to reply considering it is not approximately the career. It's approximately YOU and the way good you'll have compatibility into the career. Nurses are in top call for and the call for is simply getting better (no longer ample new nurses and little one boomer nurses retiring). So, it is an first-rate discipline to get into, marketwise. And, healthcare is an enterprise no longer largely suffering from the economic system. I real consider nursing is a calling. You have got to be a giver and a nurterer considering the activity is so worrying and the operating stipulations are rough. But, if it's your calling, by some means, you will not brain. Nursing is a top burnout career. However, there are such a large amount of possibilities for nursing that are not in a health facility or perhaps a scientific surroundings. There's telephonic nursing, usage overview--I've even recruited for customer leadership/earnings positions wherein they select nurses. If you burn out at the health facility (12 hour shifts, staffing disorders, nasty MD's), there are nonetheless high-quality possibilities for nurses. Ultimately, nursing will both fill you with cause and pleasure or drain you of your spirit. You have got to come to a decision who you're and which it's going to do for you. I'm no longer a nurse, I'm a healthcare recruiter.

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    I am from U.S. Pediatric nurses ( You spelled it wrong) do many skills such as catheters, IV"s, tube feedings, trach care, wound care. An important aspect of pediatric nursing is to make sure your dosages our correct because they are based on body weight and you have to be very careful with your calculations. I personally find pediatric nursing very sad and it is not for me.

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