I live in Pak but I wana be an actor in bollywood when i grow up..how can i start prepairing 4 that 4m now?

hello every1...i live in Pakistan...N i m 14...but wana be an actor in Bollywood when i grow up...can any1 of u plz tell me some ways from which i can start prepairing 4m now...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    my dads a jib operator(camara dude) and my moms a makeup artist. they see this kind of stuff alot. my advice would be to try out for as many plays as possible. go to auditions for comercials, shows, movies, music videos. ect. try to get into a talent agency, they help alot... get into an acting group(i go to CYT(christian youth theater)) you can find them everywhere,and/or take acting lessons. you might want to try dance, or singing, those skills help when youre auditioning for something. tske my advice, and who knows, maybe i will see you around Hollywood!

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