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confederate flag??

this boy in a bunch of my classes at school has this picture of a conferderate flag on his binder and underneath it, it says the real flag or something like that.

What does it mean? they tried to explain it but i don't really get it.

i saw them in like all those shops at the beach to if that helps ( you know, like wings and sunsations ect.)

is it racist? because the guy i know isn't racist at all so i'm kinda confused


oh well we are basically from the south so i guess that makes sense.

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    the confederate flag is the flag of the southern states during the civil wwar era. it is not usually a sign of racism. I am a proud southern woman. I was born and raised in south eastern North Carolina. I do not have any rebel flags but i want one. i had one but my daughter ruined it. People display it like the puerto ricans display it, or even proud americans. it isnt meant to hurt anyones feelings. I am sure there are things that others do that display their heritage.

    It is a wway to display pride such as there are numerous towns in nc that almost all the roads are named after mlk jr. it is pride for the african americans.

    i am not racist. i love my country but i am very proud of all my heritage. i wear my claddagh ring and sport my italian and german/ european pride. but mainly i am rpoud to be an american...........

    if it still bothers you or you dont understand it just ask him and i am sure if he is proud he will tell you.

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    He probably doesn't really know what it means. The confederate flag was the 'flag of the south' during the Civil War, in which, of course, the North fought against the South to end slavery. The south needed slavery, because it was their biggest source of income, they could get the goods that they needed (to eat, to sell, etc.) without having to do the work. The confederate flag was the South's battle flag, and soon became a widespread 'real flag' for whites in the south. The KKK uses the confederate flag because they claim to be the ghosts of the dead confederate soldiers, which is why they dress in all white, and reak havoc on people of color. Some people praise the confederate flag, claiming "heritage, not hate". I personally think its racist. Hope you have a clearer understanding of the flag. ♥

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    It's form the civil war. The confederate flag is for the people of the South and the flag we see today is from the people in the North. The South wanted to leave the union but the North wanted them to stay. Since the south was for slavery, some people consider it racist.

    Source(s): Civil war book Both perspectives
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    It's not "the Confederate flag" and it's frustrating to see people quoting innacurate history to a girl who had a very important question. For the sake of the next student or knowlage seeker, I'll provide a little information on the flag in question. When you see the red flag with white stars in crossed blue bars you are looking at a modern replica of the Battle flag of the Army of Virginia.

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    Not being American, I'm not to sure on the history if these things, but I'll try my best.

    From what I know this flag represents the South, therefore he could just be proud of his roots and merely showing the world his heritage. If you haven't noticed that he is racist, chances are he's not. It's usually pretty noticeable.

    Perhaps ask around, see if anyone else knows. If that comes to nothing, you could simply drop it into the conversation, in a very lighthearted way of course.


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    he probably doesn't understand the meaning of the flag but if he watches dukes of hazard and it looks cool because of the show then he doesn't really know the true meaning of the flag just for the coolness of the general lee.then again if he is from the south then he would know about the confederate flag but not be a friend of mine had the confederate flag on his wall because he liked the general lee from dukes of hazard because he is Mexican and not white person with that flag.

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    confederate flag was from the south. Before the civil war. ahh I can't really remeber every, but it's when the union and the south split. It did have to do with racism, but that's not all. That' s all i thought to, but my teacher said that's not the only reason why they split. I can't remeber the reason's. You might want to search it:)

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    while many associate it with racism, its the flag of the southern confederacy from when we were a divided country... he may just be from the south and proud... my mom had a huge confederate flag across her truck... she didnt realize the history behind it until she was nearly 20.

  • All Southern urban society does find the meaning behind it racist, but many younger people that have it and don't know the meaning of it don't really mean any harm by it. But you wouldn't catch me anywhere near one.

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    He could be from the south. I've read "it's heritage, not hate" often. If he isn't racist, he could just be sporting his heritage.

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