I'm looking to relocate to either Wisconsin or Montana to a small, rural community. Any suggestions?

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    If your looking to retire, the best rural community is Minocqua, Wisconsin. It has the best medical facilities in the State of Wisconsin. It is a region filled with lakes and Class A fishing. It also attracts hunters from all over the United States.

    We have a town population of about 5,000, but the amenities of a small city. We have the second largest super Walmart in the state as well as many hometown stores and our own brewery. The city itself resides on an island in the middle of one of our larger lakes giving us the title "The Island City".

    As for weather. we have all four seasons. Our summers run from June through August with an average temperature of 80 degrees with little humidity and usually a slight breeze coming from the North. Our winters can be harsh at times, but we have some of the finest snow removal services in the country. The snow is removed from the highways quickly and effectively, so much so that our schools rarely call snow days.

    The town of Minocqua has a higher tax rate, but the surrounding towns which exist in harmony (almost as suburbs) have much lower taxes. These towns are Hazelhurst, Woodruff, and Arbor Vitae.

    For more information check out the links below.

    Hope this Helps!

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    I've been to Montana several times and I would completely recommend the town of Red Lodge, Montana. It's got gorgeous scenery, quiet neighborhoods, and is right near the beautiful Beartooth Highway. It's about an hour to an hour and a half from Yellowstone National Park. Red Lodge has a good grocery store, so you won't have to do without the basics. It's got a small "downtown" strip of unique stores and AMAZING restaurants...

    Here's the website:


    I'd also recommend Billings, Montana... my sisters have lived there for quite some time, and they love it. It's the most populated city in Billings, but it still only has a population of about 100,000. It's about an hour away from Red Lodge.... It's got beautiful views, especially during the snowy season...

    The website is


    If weather is an issue, I would recommend Red Lodge over Billings... Red Lodge is a little chilly, but it's weather is more stable than Billings.

    I wish you the best of luck!!

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    Iron Mountain Michigan. It is right on the border of Wisconsin, if you just go 3 miles south you are in Wisconsin. It has a population of about 8 thousand. It has a Wal-mart and things like that if that's important to you. There is a nice lake in town called lake Antoine. There are yearly festivals they have downtown. There is a Ice Arena. There are a couple of towns around it, biggest one is Kingsford that has a population of 5 thousand. There is also a golf course, bowling ally, and the schools are nice.

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    Yes, if I were you, I'd check the weather reports and choose a place with pretty good weather.

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