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When is IK Pegasi projected to blow up?

I heard it was in a few million years. Is that correct?

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    IK Pegasi – a binary star consisting of a white dwarf and an ageing normal star about 150 light years from us. Whereas Betelgeuse could blow up at any time from tomorrow to thousands of years hence, IK Pegasi will meet its fate sometime in the next few million years.

    To more directly answer your question there is not enough data to support a more direct estimate

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    Well, that is only a possibility, it may not go supernova at all. Why not go to which has a lot to say about this star.

    In short although it is a binary star, it cannot be resolved by even the Hubble telescope, so we do not have enough data to say yes or no.

    Any answer would be a pure guess.

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    i doubt anyone knows that. have a nice day

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