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我想問long for同look forward

我想問long for同look forward,兩個字好似,點分

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    Long for 的中文意思是 [渴望已久 (口語即係恨咗好耐)], in English it means [to want to have something very much / to crave for something].

    e.g. I have got the convertible which I have been longing for. [我已得到那部渴望已久的開篷車]

    Look forward (用法上一定要 + to) 的中文意思是 [期待], in English it means [to expect something / to expect something to happen].

    e.g. I look forward to meeting him. [我期待與他見面]

    要留意雖然基本的意思有點兒相似, 但程度上有很大的差別, 所以在英文中他們并非同義詞.

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    Long for 的中文意思有時也可以純粹是 [渴望]. e.g. Everybody longs for Christmas holiday.(大家都渴望聖誕節的來臨).

    而究竟意思是 [渴望] 還是 [渴望已久] 便要視乎用法 or 用什麼 tense 配合.

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