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"Superposition steering系統"是啥意思


關於下文中的 Superposition steering systems 是什麼意思??

Superposition steering systems allow superposing an additional steering angle over the angle set by the driver via the steering wheel, offering considerable potential for GCC.


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全方位底盤控制系統 Global Chassis Control (GCC)

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    A superposition steering system for a track vehicle includes an infinitely variable steering drive unit integrated with an engine driven mechanical steering input drive to provide a reduction in the amount of power to be transmitted by the variable steering drive to only 20% of the total steering power. The system includes a steering transmission having five epicyclic differential gears and five shift couplings with the differential gears and shift couplings so connected that for shifting from one operating speed to another, in each instance, only one shift coupling is required to be opened and another shift coupling required to be closed. Because of the small number of shift couplings, operating reliability is increased and shifting between various stages can take place quickly to provide high vehicle maneuverability.


    Superposition steering system 是


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    Superposition 名辭 superposing 動(名)詞


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