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My Fair Lady

In your opinion, what is the importance of accent?And what can be voiced by one's accent?What is the function of the accent?

Do youagree with Dr.Higgins on his comment for English:Musical mixture of sound?



是My Fair Lady裡的劇情

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    Though I haven’t actually watched [My Fair Lady] before, I believe the accent of one person definitely represented their social status in the olden days. It might still be today, but only for a minority of people.

    (eg. Royal family of Britain and Japan)

    Now as travelling has been made easier through technology, we are able to meet people from many different places around the world. Their different accents tell many things. For example, their hometown’s culture and personality of the people who live there. Accents are unique symbols of places that they belong to.

    Actually, not only English, all languages that exist on the world are [Musical mixtures of sound]. Different languages have different accents and sounds, just like how different styles of music have been produced during different eras. If music is an art created by musicians for enjoyment, then language would be an art developed by human beings for close relationships between each other.

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    在你的觀點來說, 口音很重要嗎? 而一個人的口音可否說明他的背景?口音的作用是什麼?

    你贊同Dr. Higgins的看法嗎-英文:是串成音樂的聲音

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