Any good summer camps to sing and act within Sacramento California and less than $600?

Ok so i really wanna go to summer camp before my freshman year..

I love to sing and act and i plan on auditioning for upcomming movies..

Any good summer camps withing Sacramento California and a reasonable price... my parents budget is less than $600. I know i cant get much out of it but i really wanna go to a summer camp.I am looking for a overnight camp for at least a week... Everyone atmy middle school use to call me spoild but they dont understand that i get all my stuff because i never get to live my life as a normal kid. I dont hang out with my friends after school and all dat.... I think im a reall good person but there are times i feel like i need to experience the world and let me live from my mistakes.. This is my only chance my parents are giving me, its either now or whenever i raise my own money. I hope ur not thinking that im bragging but its all true. Hopefully u will understand if u were in my shoes...



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    Taylor, do you LIVE in Sacramento? Or is the need for overnight camp because you don't?

    I don't know any camps, but if you at least live near Sac, and can't find a camp, then totally consider your local community theatre. Most often, they will do a major summer stock show. Which, in most places, is a musical so it's a large cast.

    Audition! Get into the Chorus at least! And then, attend every rehearsal you can and watch the working methods of the leads. Then sit in the wings during the show and continue to gleen from their experience.

    If it's too late to audition... volunteer to work on the stage crew! This will still allow you to watch the workings of more experienced performers. And even find time to ask them questions after rehearsals.

    And then, and conceit issues you have, you will find humility by considering the distances you still have to go. But don't let go of ALL your pride... you'll need it to get through all those auditions!

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