University of Idaho sorority members?

How strict are your grade requirements?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I looked at your school's greek website and found fall semester grades which I've pasted below. You'll be an attractive potential new member to any of the chapters if your gpa is close to their chapter gpa. Generally, each sorority has its own minimum gpa requirement to join but their national office will usually give them an exemption or two for exceptionally well rounded otherwise girls.

    So there's 2 ways of looking at the fall semester stats: the DGs would have the least to lose by taking you because your bad grades (assuming they are) wouldn't hurt them so much and the Alpha Gams really can't afford to take anyone else with bad grades.

    OR, the DGs won't even give you a second thought and the Alpha Gams wouldn't have a problem letting you in. Looking at the membership sizes, it looks like in addition to having the lowest GPA, the Alpha Gams also are the smallest chapter at your school. They might possibly be on some sort of probation and wasn't allowed to participate in rush a semester or something.

    Source(s): Sororities Chapter GPA Membership Size *Deficient Delta Gamma 3.37 83 4 Gamma Phi Beta 3.36 84 0 Kappa Kappa Gamma 3.28 81 4 Alpha Phi 3.20 81 4 Kappa Alpha Theta 3.12 81 4 Kappa Delta 3.02 79 11 Pi Beta Phi 2.94 76 12 Delta Delta Delta 2.89 79 9 Alpha Gamma Delta 2.62 60 13 All Sorority Average: 3.11 All On-Campus Women Average: 3.03
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