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Will Burnett move to another team after this season?

Hes been pretty bad and it seems like the Jays don't want him anymore.

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    ah man, i love burnett and im a jays fan. I consider him as our second ace capable of getting 20 wins with some passion and grit. But so much talent and he just wastes it and gets injured, he's only inspired for short bursts of time. Blue jays fans are tired of this attitude and burnett is tired of toronto fan base i bet. So mutually Burnett will be sent off probably; but our never know, he'll probably keep him.

    I'd love to get Adam Dunn for Burnett, but our dumb GM pissed Dunn off; so no Dunn for TO.

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    A.J Burnett wants to go to the Cubs and the Brewers have interest. If the Blue Jays don't turn around the season, he'll be gone by the All Star break. If he isn't traded, he'll opt out of his contract at the end of season.

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    Cubs and Phillies have shown interest in him.

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