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Career Options!!!!?

I am wanting to get into a field where the money is good. I'm a senior in high school and have a 90% average. I'm interested in science ans social studies. What type of career would suit my personality?

I'm thinking, a few different ones, what would you recommend?





Which of these do you think are the best, considering salary, future outlook and enjoyment, also considering years and difficulty of schooling.

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    All four will require about equally difficult education. Engineering can be entered with a bachelor's degree. The other three will require a first professional doctorate.

    As for pay. According to the US Dept. of Labor, the median salary (2006) for each is:

    * Engineering Manager - $105,400 (this isn't the entry level job)

    * Lawyer - $102,500

    * Pharmacist - $94,500

    * Optometrist - $91,000

    Since these are median numbers (half make less, half make more) they are essentially the same. The mean of these is $98,350 we can easily round that to over $100,000 in 2008 dollars.

    They are all high demand careers with no sign of a professional overage of workers.

    That means, each of your factors is equal and only you can decide what you would enjoy more.

    It's more difficult to find a school of optometry than any of the others. Pharmacy is probably more difficult to find than law. Engineering schools are everywhere. Engineering is probably the easiest to enter. But, the starting salary of an engineer is about 1/2 the median provided for an engineering manager (depending upon which field you enter). Nuclear and Aerospace engineers earn very near this range.

    Note that these are median salaries. Most people don't start their career earning the middle of the wage scale. Your own earning will start somewhat lower. But then, a career isn't about starting salary, it's about future potential.

    Bottom line - they're all about the same except for which you might enjoy more. We can't answer that one for you.

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    As far as considering stability,a good consistant salary, and a nice enjoyable future outlook with a career that you could enjoy...I would suggest a pharmasist. Its stable, I don't see you loosing work or being laid off. Its really good pay, and although there is schooling, its not drastic or really long. My sis is getting ready to work towards that.

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