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help what should i play?

for band next year i dont no what instrument to play should i play trumpet, trombone, tuba, sax, clarinet, or flute?


btw i forgot tothat i play all of those instruments and i dont know what one too pick srry

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    i play many intruments as well. i think you should play tuba. fun and if you like to play trumpet it would be like playing both trumpet and tuba

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    I play sax, clarinet, and trombone, and I say trombone if you want to be heard! Otherwise, go with clarinet. Really, its whatever you're best at or what suits you the most.

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  • no one can tell you what to play. it has to fit you.

    if you're going to play brass, be aware of the hours you will spend working on your embouchure, trying to hit pitches. if you're going to play a woodwind, be aware of the hours you will spend working on technical, fast moving passages.

    each instrument has its own set of challenges & rewards.

    however, i will tell you, it's wise not to start out on an instrument like tuba. most pros will tell you its a wiser choice to start on trombone or baritone/euphonium before you begin tuba.

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    i say play the trumpet. it has three valves. the only way to make higher and low notes is to set your lips right. i say its easy and saves you money, instead of like the woodwind instruments.

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    i say clarinet!

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