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parenting tips???

My partner has a 7 year old son, he's a good kid, very hepfull, polite, funny and great with our newborn daughter. however, he seems to have some problems understanding authority. when we are doing something with him (even mundane things like watching tv) he wants to tell us the way things are as though he is the adult and even when he gets into trouble for this or anything else, 1 minute later he is back to normal like he's forgotten what happened. he doesnt seem to feel left out as we include him as much as possible with our daughter, holding her, helping to feed/bathe her etc, and he hasnt had to sacrifice anything since her birth. he hasnt seen his bio father since he was 1 or 2 years old and its just been him and my partner at home until about 2 years ago when we moved in together. im not sure if he's just spent to much time in adult company and thinks its the normal way to talk to us but sometimes its too much and i dont know wot to do with him. any advice would be appreciate

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    I think anytime there is change in the home in anyway, children can go thru an adjustment period. I think he is just trying to figure out his place in the other words, I think it's a phase he will probably grow out of.....

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    do something you haven't done before something a little cruel and very unusually like tie him to a chair or something and once he quits yelling and screaming and he calms down tell him he needs to listen and let him go but every time do something different

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