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Alice Seybold?

Has anyone ever read her book Lucky?

If so..was it any good?

I went to go get it today but it was all sold out...justs wanted to know what people think of it

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    Lucky: A Memoir

    by Alice Sebold

    Whether or not you'd go out of your way to read anything that might be classified as a rape memoir, give Alice Sebold your attention for her first five pages and you're in for the whole ride. Written in a fever of unapologetic self-discipline, "Lucky" is just about everything you'd expect it not to be. There's no expedition in search of psychic wounds, no yanking at your sleeve to get your conscience into the picture. Sebold was only a college freshman in a beat-up sweater when her horrible assault occurred, and she was a virgin. Maybe if rape was classified as a form of torture it would be simpler to map out the parameters of the damage it causes. Right now, as Patricia Weaver Francisco, author of "Telling," has said, a lot of people think of it as a form of bad sex.

    At first, "Lucky" seems to bounce you into a state of half-belief. The rape itself, narrated at the very beginning of the book, is so merciless it's nearly impossible to absorb. The man beat her and tore at her; the shriveled object in the courtroom evidence bag was so stiff and black -- like ruined leather -- that it was hard to tell it was her blood-soaked underwear.

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    Yes, it's a great book, as well as her other two novels, The Almost Moon and The Lovely Bones. She has an incredible style to her writing that is captivating and endearing. You will partly be disturbed about her rape encounter, however, she does not ask for pity and masterfully shows how her life was presently after the occurrence of the rape and how it has progressed. A truly lovely memoir. I believe you shall enjoy it thoroughly.

    Cheers, happy reading.

    oh and go to a library--buying books is really quite a waste of money--hate to say it myself, but really, get it from your local library if you can.

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    Alice in Wonderlandd.


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