Spanish Help! What is the difference between "iba" and "fui".?

Could someone kindly help me understand the difference between "iba" and "Fui". Could you possibly give me some examples please??

Why can you say "Yo fui a la tienda." But why could'nt I say "You iba a la tienda?"

Many Thanks!

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    actually, you can say either, but the meanings are a little different:

    fui a la tienda: I went to the store

    iba a la tienda: I was going to the store ... like if you are describing something that happened on the way to the store

    iba is the imperfect, indicates an incomplete, or ongoing action

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    "Fui" is in the past preterite tense, while "iba" is past progressive.

    Typically you use preterite to describe something you did on a specific occassion... like "I went to the store *yesterday*." That would be "Yo fui a la tienda ayer."

    However, you use past progressive to describe things that you did habitually or often in the past. For example, "I went to the store a lot when I was a kid." That would be "Yo iba a la tienda mucho cuando era joven."

    (None of the above answers got it quite right, though they were on the right track.)

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    The letter V is pronounced by putting your top teeth on your bottom lip. B is pronounced by pursing your lips, similar to the letter P. Yeah, its not really that great. There are a lot of words where it could cause problems I think. Its not a huge problem though, just that its pretty noticeable when people do that. If you can't get it, don't worry about it but personally I'd try a little more. Also, R is still an R even if you pronounce it hard instead of rolled. V and B are two totally different letters?

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    'iba' means 'i was going'

    'fui' means 'I went'

    You can say both phrases

    "Yo fui a la tienda." = I went to the store.

    "You iba a la tienda?" = I was going to the store?

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  • RE
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    1 decade ago

    fui a la tienda = I went to the store

    iba a la tienda = I was going to the store, I used to go to the store, I was on my way to the store

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yo iba ,means past tense ,yo fui means the same but with diffrent meaning like ,fui is when you allready go and come back , iba means when you are in the way to a certain place

  • 5 years ago

    iba a ir means I was going to go

  • 1 decade ago

    One is conditional and the other is preterit.

    Conditional sentences are sentences discussing factual implications or hypothetical situations and their consequences.

    Cuando era una nina, fui a la escuela, Eastern Elementary. - When I was a child, I went to the school, Eastern Elementary.

    Preterit is the grammatical tense expressing actions that took place in the past.

    Fui a la tienda ayer- I went to the store yesterday. It's obvious.

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    yo fui means i went while yo iba means I would have gone

  • 1 decade ago

    Judi got it right.

    Little: I would have gone is "yo hubiera ido" or "yo iria". "Yo iba" is I was going.

    Yo fui= I went

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