Ace combat 6 coming to PlayStation 3?

I have seen so many pages on this. And I think it is more a matter of when than if. Ace Combat 6 did not sell well on 360 because all Namco's fans were on PlayStation. Plus NAMCO even said that AC6 was a timed exclusive. And PSM3 announced that AC6 is back. I don't really care though. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. is coming this fall. It will be way better. It is just frustrating. Microsoft always has to take what SONY has because they realize it is better than what they have. What do you think?

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    I blamed this on Namco, not microsoft, but of course microsoft has to bribe exclusives away from Sony, unlike Sony they have no software development umbrella. I was boycotting AC zero because of AC 6 going to xbox, so I think its return is good news. Maybe they will update it too.

    I've seen previews of hawx, and though it looks like it has good multiplayer, there is no way it can upstage namco's classic franchise. I also hate Tom Clancy games, just because of Tom Clancy and his bias toward western weapons and vehicles. In airplanes that would be especially bad since the russian vectored-thrust planes with helmet-mounted-sights are still best in dogfights. Western planes are made for BVR combat. What kind of video game would bvr combat make? Well that's what planes like the f-22 are made for, stealth and BVR, though I'm sure Hawx will make them the most badass in short-range slow dogfights as well. Because it's Tom Clancy.

    But that is great news that AC6 is coming back. I will get it when it does. In fact I will go out and get AC0 so I'm all caught up.

    btw I'm not saying that Ace Combat was ever a realistic game, it's not. Flight is too easy, you can withstand unlimited g's without passing out, and you have several dozen all-purpose missiles and ten tons of bombs... but at least the planes are reasonable simulations of the actual real-life models and their capabilities.

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    Im afraid that Ace Combat 6 is an exclusive to the XBox360. Im sure Namco will realize their mistake and release it to the PS3 later or release the next incarnation on the two(or 3) systems.

    Heres a reference to the Console Exclusives




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    It should eventually come out on the PS3. AC series is very popular in Japan and would be a big seller.

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